Childhood. A Gift Open to All.

A reblog…

Lately, I have been spending several hours a week in antique stores. As I have said in recent posts, I am mesmerized by vintage magazines these days. Naturally, I am also drawn to the vintage toys…especially riding toys and dolls. It is my hope that we all can remember things from our childhood that made us happy! Try to make the connection and you may learn something very important about yourself! Who you are and who you will be are traits that develop early! Do not be the least bit nervous…finding yourself is truly a joy!


I forgot to grow up. I never intended to grow up and I doubt that I ever will truly grow up. I just don’t see any reason to throw away the joy and excitement that childhood brings. I have completed so many of the grownup expectations. I graduated from college. I received a master’s degree (although I am not certain that I really used it). I had a career. In fact, I have had two very different careers. I married and I am still married after almost 40 years. We had two children. We are looking forward to grandchildren. We have bought two houses. In addition, we have a farm that is lots of fun and lots of work. I am just in charge of the meeting and greeting duties and occasional cooking. I highly doubt that anyone will every ask me to fix a tractor or cut down a…

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