Rhythm. Poetry. Emotion. Music.



Rhythm is to Dance as Music is to Poetry. Rhythm is the entity that causes the dancer to move gently and gracefully across a stage. Rhythm is the entity that causes the dancer to twist and turn, shake and sway across a stage. Music is the entity that causes the poem, the lyrics, the words to resound across the sound waves. Music is the entity that causes the words of the songwriter or poet to change the course of emotions.

Rhythm. Dance. Music. Poetry.

Expressions of Feelings. Expressions of Anger. Expressions of Happiness.


Rhythm in a song makes the music move from stanzas of quiet moments to mountains of crescendo moments. Rhythm is the beat of a song. Rhythm is the strong repeating pattern of sound in a song performance or movement in a dance performance. The background drums in a song relay the tempo, the very heartbeat of a song. We can recognize songs just by the background pattern of sounds. Such as the…

Incredible Rhythmic Energy and Sounds in Adele’s Rolling in the Deep…A Simple Repetitive Drum Beat Combined with an Emotional Voice.




The rhythm of music has the ability to transform the thinking for all ages and all groups of people. All it might involve is taking the time to listen to the sounds, to comprehend the words and feel the beat. The following poem was written by teenager Anjanae King and published on http://www.FamilyFriend Poems.com (Copyright 2006-2017).


The Chords Of My Escape

The chords of my escape.

The feeling of a beat.

The vibration of my soul.

It sends me to my peak.

I just love how it makes me feel.

But there’s no way the feeling is real.

I can close my eyes and look up to the ceiling.

It’s the most pleasurable feeling.

The way it makes me move.

Just gracefully on my feet.

In the chords of my escape.

There are no expectations to meet.

I’m free to be myself.

I can dance, I can sing.

I can twirl around on the floor.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.

But of course, all happiness has to come to an end.

I look at the ground

I sigh and frown.

It’s time to let go of my only true friend.

I lift my hand to my ear

And pull out the plastic.

I suddenly feel blank again.

But soon again, I will feel ecstatic

With the chords of my escape.


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9 thoughts on “Rhythm. Poetry. Emotion. Music.

  1. Definitely the music is the summit of all the arts, without it there could be a good movie, a good poetry, the music is the break point … for me I would listen to the 24hours music. And Adele is one of my favorite singers, not to mention whitney houston, among others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Adele’s music also…I recorded her concert at Carnegie Hall this past year. I don’t remember what network it was on…did you see it? I watch it ever so often because the music is so real, so literal…the lyrics are indeed poetry. The concert was absolute perfection. I heard on some show (who knows what!) that she is considering taking a “residency” performer spot at one of the large hotel resorts in Las Vegas…similar to what Celine Dion does. If she does…Mike and I will need to make a trip to Nevada! We have been there, but it was a long time ago. Las Vegas is a decadent place, but seeing Adele would be worth the negatives!

      Liked by 1 person

      • We did see that show on tv! Could not record it though.
        We have never been to Vegas but if we ever got there we would also have to see Adele. My husband would also have that “kicking cowboy” sign (if it is still there) on his list of to see. Me….I would want to go to Hoover Dam and check out the countryside.


      • I hope that she really does start performing there. She said in the interview that she doesn’t want to go on another big tour while her little boy is growing up. And…maybe that she might want another child. She and her husband now have a home in Los Angeles. It sounded like singing regularly in Las Vegas would make it easier to have a more regular life. We went to see Hoover Dam and loved the tour! The countryside is desert like, but we went on up to Reno and Lake Tahoe…so very beautiful! I guess the cowboy sign is still there!

        Liked by 1 person

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