Why it is obvious that you learned to drive in Texas…so true!




***I first read this list when a friend posted a similar version on Facebook. Oh my goodness…I really think that the list might be accurate…and I learned to drive in Texas!!***

15.   Please say “the fast lane” for left lane instead of the term “the passing lane”. It’s not that complicated folks! Slower traffic stays in the right lane.

There are Texans who are in a hurry on the left.



14.    You believe the courtesy wave is not optional. You are just saying “Thank You”! If someone allows you to pull in front of them…a friendly wave is really required. No kidding!





13.    You call the little road to the side of the freeway “the access” road or you might call the “access road”…”the service road” or you may simply call that exit  “the feeder” because it feeds to that other little road to the side of the freeway. 





12.    You feel like you are the only one who knows how to drive in the rain. Look to the right. Look to the left. Think about them. They may have stayed home every time it rained for five years.


Through A Car Windshield During Starting Rain Storm


11.   Your normal commute time is 30 minutes…on the rare occasion there is snow…commute time=3 hours. You might as well stay home and watch Ellen.


snow and trees



10.   You see the speed limit sign as a gauge to driving 5 to 10 mph more. Texans interpret that a 70 mph sign really means 75 to 80 mph – please don’t use that defense when you get pulled over.


slow down



9.   You get a little excited when you see this sign on the horizon:



Yea! Clean bathrooms, snacks, gifts, candy, hot food and beef jerky coming up. And don’t forget the samples of fudge! A favorite…peanut butter!




8.   When you drive through the Hill Country, you better keep an eye for “deer crossing” signs. Texas leads the nation in vehicle/animal collisions. When you drive in rural areas, use extra caution for Bambi!

7.    You drive friendly on side roads and then it turns to Texas Motor Speedway on any freeway. It’s all fun and games on the country back roads but when you are on the freeway…remember…BE STRONG!

texas-motor-speedway_gbkm24vb6ngr1eofk8grhesfp (1)



6.    You are the one that plans ahead when traffic merges, but others will not. If you are that driver who will ask for courtesy to merge at the last minute…expect the ugly stare.


5.    You know how to pronounce street names and town names  that are certainly not spoken the way they are spelled. 


pronouncing names


4.    You know if you have to choose between shady or close when choosing a parking place…Shady Wins in Texas. Because if you do not park in the shade and if you have leather seats…I cannot even explain how sorry you will be for sitting down.


3.    You’ve developed a sixth sense when driving in Texas because no one seems to use turn signals. Your mind reading skills have sharpened! You can sense when someone wants to merge, or exit, or especially to pass.  “Wait! This car is slowing down. I guess they want to turn here.”  What signal? You expected a signal?


2.   You are not caught by surprise by Texas roads that can have two names. Yes! Some roads are called one name toward the east and another name toward the west or perhaps two names at the same time. Example: Northwest Highway and Loop 12 in Dallas.


street signs


1.   You understand the color of the signal lights. Red means stop and yellow means “Let’s go people!”. It’s not a game of chicken or a race to see how many cars can get through the yellow light.  Red = Stop, Green = Go!




Be careful wherever you live…don’t ever take chances when on the road and follow all of the driving rules!



However…when in Texas…don’t drive too fast…don’t drive too slow…and don’t forget to wave “thank you”!!





Worry. When does it overcome you?

imagination one


Worry can invade your life like a freight train barreling down a railroad track. You have no idea where the train is going. You do not really want to jump on board the speeding train. However, something draws you to the open door of the boxcar. There just might be a happy ending at the train’s destination. Yes! There lies the answer! No worries on the train to nowhere.


If you choose to NOT jump on board, the sky might darken.

If you choose to NOT jump on board, your life might fall apart.

If you choose to NOT jump on board, you might become downtrodden with illness.

If you choose to NOT jump on board, you might lose all of your closest friends.


Thank goodness…you will be rid of the albatross riding on your back if you jump on board. That albatross of worry that has begun to take over your life is heavy. Worry takes away your energy. Worry takes away any hint of your determination. Worry takes away the very basis of confidence.


worry one

I know what worry can feel like. I am a classic example of a worrier. Sometimes…I am able to keep worry out of reach. Sometimes…worry takes over and causes me to be enveloped by anxious thoughts. My imagination can easily turn into mighty negative thoughts. That is when I slam on the brakes in my mind…anyway…I try to stop the worry. At least, I am aware of the problem and do work at being  positive.


Staying positive has been a struggle since I had the stroke on August 8. No kidding. It is difficult to look on the bright side when your health makes a totally unexpected turn.




worry three


Psychology Today recently published the following article on worry…

“6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Change”


According to Psychology Today, these are the six things that can keep people from wasting their valuable time and energy on worry


1. Determine what things you can control. Prepare for problems and you can better control your reactions.

2. Focus on your influence. You can influence people and circumstances. You cannot force things to go just the way you want them to go. You need to change your behavior in order to have the most influence. As the article states…you need to be a good role model. You must set healthy boundaries.

3. Identify your fears. What are you afraid will happen? Are you thinking of a catastrophic situation? Do you doubt your ability to cope? The article states that even in the worst-case scenario…you are most likely stronger than you think. Acknowledge this ability.

4. Differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving. Change the channel that you are listening to in you brain. You must understand that your thoughts are not helping your situation! Focus on getting up and starting to do something else. Be more productive.

5. Create a plan to manage your stress. Exercise. Eat healthy. Get enough sleep. Make the time to manage your stress. Find ways to relieve stress such as a hobby or spending time with friends. Eliminate any unhealthy coping skills. Unhealthy…complaining to others and drinking too much.

6. Develop healthy affirmations. The article states two important phrases as reminders to take action or calm down…“I CAN HANDLE IT” and “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. These two thoughts can keep you from wasting time on things that you can’t control!


worry two











Halloween Arrives Again…Costume Searching Time…Help!!!

Halloween fourteen

Halloween cookies have made their way to the shelves at Target. Cookies by the dozen. By the hundreds. Don’t freeze any of those Halloween cookies or cupcakes for me. Ever! Ok…maybe I am weird, but I think they lose something after they have been frozen for over six weeks. Or maybe I just think it is way too early for Halloween shopping. I am still looking for some more summer sandals. I am so off schedule!!! This happens to me every holiday!


But really…I am just not ready for Halloween cookies or cupcakes or costumesTHE THREE C’s OF OCTOBER!


And the most challenging C OF OCTOBER is COSTUME! At least…to me!!!



Halloween eighteenHalloween fifteen


A few of my favorite finds for costume ideas for everyone again this year…well…maybe they are ideas for children. But…Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up…so why should you?



Halloween one

Pizza Guy On The Way!


Halloween eight

Little Red Riding Hood Catches The Wolf!


Halloween five

I Still Can’t Resist A Gumball Machine!


Halloween nine

Future Picasso!


Halloween seven

Raggedy Ann and Andy…So Sweet!


Halloween six

7-11 Time!


halloween three

Lego Power!


Halloween two

Ninja Family!


Halloween four

My Most Favorite! 



So…there you have it…a few fun Halloween costume choices for 2017!!!  Remember…sometimes it is really fun to be a child again on Halloween! 

Sweet Anticipation for a Baby Boy!


Silverstein quote


Anticipating someone.

Anticipating something.

Anticipating a someday.

A someday with immense

joy and dreams and love.

Anticipating our grandson.

Anticipating seeing his face.

Anticipating holding his hand.

Anticipating the moment we see 

Our daughter and son-in-law 

Realize what love really means.



be so happy

















Still looking for fun in a totally not fun situation. Still positive. Maybe.


ThankYouThank you so much to my readers who have written so many thoughtful and kind comments since my stroke on August 8. Your remarks have meant the world to me! For those new to my blog, thank you for following me even though I have not written an abundance of posts in recent days. I was trying to write something every day or (at least) every other day until this disturbing bit of a problem entered my life!


I am on my way back to health. I better be on my way back! This is just not that fun and I am all about fun. I do not call five doctor’s appointments in one week fun…although one receptionist is a laugh a minute. If not for her…I might rather run with the bulls in Pamplona.




Spain would be nice this time of year. Way cooler than Texas. And I mean cooler in the weather sense…as in an average daily high of 79 degrees in Pamplona and a low of 59 degrees. In Dallas/Fort Worth, the temperature is 92 degrees and rising. Guess what? It feels like about 96 degrees…I do believe that summer forgot to leave. The low temp today might be 75 degrees. Yep…it is sweater weather in Texas.



So see…those bulls are looking pretty good right now. Besides…my right leg doesn’t work correctly yet anyway. My hand is almost back to normal. That means that I haven’t dropped anything in 24 hours…a monumental record in post stroke talk. Therefore…I am surely good to go to Pamplona.


One small problem…I probably should not fly for about two months. Let me rephrase that…DO NOT FLY for two months. I might better get a second, third or even fourth opinion on the flying business. I truly need to be educated on this flying after a stroke situation. The flight time from Dallas to Barcelona is about 12 hours. Of all the luck. I would have to walk up and down the aisle at least 48 times to keep my legs working. People would be so sick of my complaining and whimpering.




Did I mention that I need to have fun?




 I was a lousy flight companion even before the stroke decided to attack me. Even back then our own daughter had announced that she might not be able to fly on the same plane with me…unless we were going to NYC. I am certain that my husband feels the same way. I am able to behave almost quietly and calmly flying all the way to NYC…my favorite destination. On a flight to Hawaii with college friends (a long time ago)…the eight hour flight was too much. I started ordering drinks like all of the other passengers…and I don’t even like to drink. It was pitiful. I do not even remember receiving the lei of flowers upon arrival. However, there was certainly one in my suitcase.




So forget what I said about Spain. I have to follow these stroke rules. I will simply have to forget fun for a short time. I know that I am vastly lucky…I could have had to forget fun for a very long time.