Pat White Davis

Written by Patricia Davis. I have been a happy public school teacher for 18 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I have a BA in Journalism and Sociology from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. I received my teaching certificates from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. I also received a M.Ed in Educational Administration from Texas Woman’s University. I have taught grades PK thru Fourth, but my favorite grade will always be the joyful Kindergarten children!!




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    • Hi Faye!! I sincerely apologize for not getting in touch with you for so long…I should not have been such a poor friend! I tried to start back my blog in January and February, but I was still working on getting over the stroke and dealing with my serious back problems. It has been a little over three years since I had the car accident that caused my back issues. Goodness…I had never had such health concerns in my entire life! Disconcerting!!

      I started with a new (intense) physical therapist in January and also started having a series of epidural injections for my lower back. I have had the first group of three injections and it somewhat helps…but not a cure-all at all! I will have a new set in three months or so. I had been trying to get an appointment with the pain management physician for months!

      In the middle of all this…I found that I have a “lump” growing in my thyroid. That information about “did me in”…enough is enough!! Week before last, I had to have a needle aspiration into my thyroid…a biopsy. Scared us a lot! I finally received the results on Monday…and it is benign! Thank you to the Lord above for listening and answering prayers! I’ll go back in three months for another biopsy to make certain it is not growing. I may need to have it removed.

      So…that is why I have been absent! I have missed you so much and miss writing my blog! I plan to start back on April 1st as the season seems a good time to renew my happy spirit!

      Otherwise…the baby is adorable…three months old! He has started to smile and giggle! In every recent picture, he seems to have his mouth open in a circle…as if he is saying…”ooo, ooo…take my picture”!!

      Love you lots!!!


      • No need to apologize Pat. Your cup overflows…just with “hard” stuff.
        So glad to hear the biopsy was benign. That is scary.
        I cringed on your epidurals. My husband had only one of those last year and nearly passed out.
        My prayers are with you Pat! Healing…patience….good days.
        Aren’t those grand babies just the best thing?
        Take your time and if you don’t get totally back to your blogging schedule for a bit, make sure to cut yourself some slack.
        Take care of yourself my friend.


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    • Thank you for the link. I didn’t know that she also has a blog. I will read it right away! Royse City is closer to Dallas than our farm. I am going to check out just how far in a few minutes. I know that I have been there…perhaps with a friend from SFA (my college). I had a friend whose family had a lakehouse on Lake Tawakoni and I think that Royse City might be fairly near there.

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      • Hello Pat, You have been on my mind recently. Just checking in to see how you are doing? How is your back doing and are you still doing physical therapy? I had the joy of going to physical therapy this fall for many months due to contracting West Nile. It damaged the nerves that affect balance and how my eyes coordintate with my brain. The menegioencephalitis did not help that either. My head still feels odd once in awhile but that is slowly going away. I have a feeling I may have this for a long time but oh well…it could be so much worse.
        Hope to hear from you!


  3. I love what you have written at the very top of your page. It is so true that what we truly are, is what we were when we were a small child. I’m trying to rediscover my true interests via my blog. And what you have written, truly resonates with what I felt just before starting my blog.
    To be a teacher is a fantastic thing, but to be a school teacher, just takes you to another level of responsibility. You actually have the power to shape lives! That’s something!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. As you write, I believe that you will find your true self through your writing! I really think that teaching is an ideal career because it incorporates communicating, creativity and encouraging children to do their best at all times. Besides, teaching is fun!

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      • I agree. I want to be one too. I used to play the ‘teacher game’ at home, after school everyday, acting like I’m teaching to the class (an empty room, in reality). Ha Ha. Like you said, I hope I’ll learn more about myself through writing. Let’s see where it takes me. Thanks again! Cheers.

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    • Hello! We have been to our farm for the last week…well…one week and two days! I tried to have time to keep posting, but we had a houseful of company! Our daughter, son-in-law, two nephews and their families, my niece and her family were with us for Thanksgiving…including my seven great-nieces/great-nephews. Plus… 49 guests for Thanksgiving Day! We always have a big Thanksgiving and they stay all day for lunch and dinner and pie/cake all afternoon! So much fun, but not one moment for time on the computer at all! Lots of cooking and talking and playing! However, we drove back to DFW yesterday! I have missed you and told everyone about your girls! They cannot imagine me with chickens! Ha! A challenge!!!

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      • I will tell everyone to work on their imagination!! I cannot imagine the chicken idea either, but I told them that you are my mentor! My many miles away mentor! We did have fun and lots-lots of cooking! No “Panda Express” or “Jason’s Deli” five miles away at the farm!! I need to get very used to that fact!!!

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