I joined the gym…again.



 *****News Flash!*****

I have actually hired a personal trainer at my gym! I am obviously in need of a lot of direction. When a machine has a knob that is supposed to turn right, I am certainly going to try for left. I am truly a problem for the immediate exercise world. I hope the trainer has a peaceful weekend. His Monday may be very frustrating. I am not normally so negative, but I have vast amounts of experience with me and this subject matter!


 The following is a reblog of my initial experience joining the gym…for those of you who are new to my site…a little background on my exercise procrastination! I know that I am sort of…well…not that good at gyms! However, I still think the gym is surprisingly fun!

Monday would have been the perfect day for me to visit the…

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Crisis. We hear about a crisis situation on the news or from a friend or on the radio virtually every day. In the United States and around our world…fear and shock are becoming a norm and the instability of life is fearfully present. Crisis can be described as the culmination of a series or sequence of events. What we can hope for/work for is a turning point, a change, a realization that better actions can keep these crisis situations from reaching full fruition.

 Our future depends on step by step stopping the word “crisis” from being such a large portion of our thoughts and conversation. We must work together. We must be supportive of each other. We must show pride in our country. We must show empathy, but yet be strong in our resolve to keep crisis situations at bay.

In the video preceding this post, The Eagles sing their Grammy winning song titled “Hole in the World”. This currently relevant song was written by Don Henley and the late Glenn Frey in response to the 9/11 crisis. The words speak to me in so many ways…a plea to the world for understanding and compromise. The words read:


There’s  a hole in the world tonight.

There’s a cloud of fear and sorrow.

There’s a hole in the world tonight.

Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.


They say that anger is jut love disappointed.

They say that love is just a state of mind,

But all this fighting over who will be anointed,

Oh…how can people be so blind?


Oh they tell me there’s a place over yonder,

Cool water running through the burning sand.

Until we learn to love one another

We will never reach the promise land.


We can’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow. We can’t let crisis be such a common denominator of our world…of our cities.


The Church Sanctuary.

First Methodist Church.png

 My church when I was growing up.

A church sanctuary represents faith, peace, love, friends, gratitude, and family to me. I still have such vivid and happy memories of the church my family attended when I was growing up. Even though it was one of the largest churches in town, I felt like I knew everyone. How truly wonderful I felt when I was that building…a building full of incredibly special places.

Even before I reached the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, I was always warmly invited into the education building. It was newly built during my childhood…I don’t recall what year. I will check on the information…just to satisfy my curiosity. I say education building because it was the building where all of the children’s and youth Sunday School classes were held. Perhaps there were also adult classes in the education building. I was not even aware of them…I was so focused on the classes for whatever age I happened to be.

After my years teaching school, I now realize what made the difference…what made me focus…what made me so happy to be there. It was the sense of community that I felt and the fact that I felt appreciated by everyone I met. It was the sense of family…my own family and the church members who I considered like family. Could it be that unsuccessful schools lack this same sense of community, sense of family, and appreciation for each child? Is that why so many children can’t seem to focus? I think that this might be one of the missing keys in education. Just thinking beyond the prompt.

In considering keys in church education, I am reminded to the other key aspects of why I loved my “growing up” church….the children’s chapel with small pews just the right size, the sinks and water fountain that were just low enough, the beautiful garden areas, the fellowship hall where we had pot luck dinners on Wednesday nights, the choir practice room. And most of all…the sanctuary.

The sanctuary was large with towering ceilings and the most beautiful stained glass windows and a big balcony where the teenagers sat. The center aisle was very long and I remember walking down that aisle during children’s choir Christmas programs. We all held real candles that were lit and my mother was always so worried about my pony tail! What if the child behind me got a little too close? I doubt they use real candles today! I remember thinking that I would be so tired after walking down that long aisle. I thought that I might not have any breath left to sing!

Walking down that long aisle for children’s choir was nothing compared to how I felt when I walked down that same aisle with my dad on my wedding day. I saw my mom sitting on the front row smiling so happily and crying at the same time. I saw my future husband standing at the front with the minister. Once again my breath was taken away. I will never forget the relatives and friends who filled the pews. I can still see their smiles. I can still see the flowers that decorated the sanctuary. I can still hear the songs that were sung. I can still hear the minister’s voice and the words he said. I remember walking back down the aisle holding my husband’s arm. I remember it all with joy. I so love that sanctuary and all of the many times that I happily spent there…among the people I loved.

My husband and I will celebrate 40 years of marriage in just twelve days. I will remember my wedding dress, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, my little cousin-the flower girl, my two little nephews-the ring bearers. I will remember what that sanctuary means to me…what it means to my husband and I.



City or Farm or Both?

Four wheelers in big pasture

Our son-in-law and friends riding in one of the pastures.

My husband grew up on a farm. It is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live and we are there a lot. When my husband was growing up, his dad ran a dairy farm and milked cows morning and night…seven days a week. There is not very much vacation time with this kind of work. Word has it that they went on a vacation just one time and my father-in-law was ready to go home before they reached the highway. I am not sure if this “ready to go home” information is just a rumor or not, but I do know that when your livelihood depends on healthy animals…you need to make certain that you take excellent and continuous care of them. I doubt that I would have that kind of resolve and patience.

Actually, I know that I would not want to be a dairy farmer. My husband does not want to turn the farm back into a dairy and I really do not want to! I like to go places, seek adventure, and meet new people far too much to have lots of cows to tend. Two or three Longhorns (Hook ’em Horns!)…ok. Some big Brahmas…ok…I think that they are interesting looking. Some of those miniature donkeys…ok…they are exceptionally cute. Just enough animals to still give us some freedom. Freedom to live in a regular neighborhood sometimes and travel sometimes.

I grew up in a regular neighborhood in just a regular town…not a city, not that big. My mother and I did drive to Dallas a couple of times a month to shop. We were certainly not shopping for cows. We were on the search for clothes and shoes. It didn’t matter how long the drive took…we went to Dallas. We ate lunch at the S & S Tearoom almost every time. I think that it is closed now. If not at the S & S, we would have lunch at Neiman’s Mermaid Bar Cafe to have chicken salad sandwiches on cheese buns. I still like to go there. We also had Mocha Coffee Angel Food Cake for dessert. I finally found the recipe or one very close to the original. Seriously, this might be the best cake ever. I am desperate for a piece of cake right now!

My entire point of this post is to say that I have just retired and my husband is about to retire. We have lived in a large city for almost 40 years. I really don’t see how that is possible. In my mind, I am still 27, maybe 28. Anyway, I like the city just like I did when I was a child. My husband likes the farm just like he did when he was a child. I think that we should divide our time between both places. A compromise.

What is your opinion? City? Farm?

Divide our time between both?


Written by Pat Davis on my blog kindergartenknowledge.com

Thank you to Ngobesing Romanus from Success Inspirer’s World for asking me to be a guest author!

Trail in the woods

One of the trails thru the woods.


The Images.

Peace-Albert Einstein

Places to go and errands to complete took up my entire afternoon yesterday. I rarely turn on my radio in my car when I am busy. I think that I’ve heard so much talking, laughing, feet tapping, hands clapping, and chairs moving that I need a bit of quiet time in my car when I am going to school. Now…I just don’t listen to the radio at all, at any time. I knew nothing about the very sad incident in France until I was almost home. My husband called to tell me the news.

Again. The images of another nightmare filled the news programs. The pictures were so vivid, so real, so much destruction of life. A baby carriage. People running every direction. Two older ladies in white clothing trying to step off of a curb. At least, that is what it looks like they are doing. One looked like she was holding the other one. Were they hurt? Where did they go? I’ve seen the image repeated several times on the news. Those two older ladies and their obvious and extreme  panic are staying on my mind. I doubt that they could run quickly or possibly not run at all. I find myself worrying about them.

But…what good does my worrying do? It does not help in any way. All I can do is to make certain that I do what is right in my own part of the world. All I can do is to make certain that I read and study enough to understand what is going on. All I can do is to make safe choices as well as honorable choices. All I can do is to continue to seek peace.

Peace. Not nightmares. Again I say…Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me.


#4 Super Engaging Book!



What Do You Do With An Idea?

Written by Kobi Yamada



As I read this children’s book, I wondered how many people have an idea…a good idea…a great idea…and let it wither on the vine. Perhaps the majority of people have an idea or a calling, but do not recognize the importance of the idea. Maybe they don’t realize that the talent that is hidden inside them is a true gift. The challenge is to find a way to change this idea into a state of fruition. An idea…a thought…an action…a plan.

In What Do You Do With An Idea?, a child has an idea and has not a clue what to do with it. He takes the easy way out and walks away. There was no way that he was going to take ownership of this strange idea. However, the idea refuses to go away. It goes along with him…beside him… and keeps popping up. He seems embarrassed about the idea. Oh no! What would other people think about his odd idea. They might talk about it. The child puts the idea in hiding.

This idea was just way too persistent. The boy realized that he was actually happy when he thought about the idea. He actually liked the idea and it began to grow and grow. He gained the courage to tell people about the idea and some of those people thought it was a crazy idea. He almost thought they were right…it was crazy to even think about it. He almost left the idea…he almost abandoned the idea. He almost listened to the people instead of his heart.

His heart said to let the idea grow again. His heart said to pay close attention to his idea. The boy began to love his idea, to nurture his idea, to listen to his idea. The idea became bigger and bigger and better and better. The boy realized “it is good to have the ability to see things differently”. The idea burst from the boy into everything. The idea burst everywhere. He found out the best part about listening to an idea…is that you can “change the world” with just one idea…if you don’t hide it.

What a wonderful book for children. Better yet…what a wonderful book for adults. Do you have an idea that you are keeping hidden? I imagine that we all do.


Cowardice or Confidence?

River picture-confidence

Daily Prompt: Cowardice


When I consider the traits of a coward, I first think of someone who is afraid to be show their true self to the world. They simply have not been able to find a way to give positively back to the world. To me… a coward covers up the true motive in every movement, in every conversation, in every relationship. Would I trust a coward? Never. Would I be close friends with a coward? No. Would I want to work for or with a coward? Not particularly.

When I consider the traits of a confident person, I first think of someone who is certain about who they are and what they want to give to the world. To me…a confident person attempts to open up in every conversation. They have a strong sense of perseverance in their personal lives and in their professional lives. Would I trust a confident person? Yes. Would I be close friends with a confident person? Most definitely. Would I want to work for or with a confident person? Very much so.

On the other hand, I realize that people may feel like a coward one day and a confident person the next day. One of the most important goals in life…at least to me…is to find a way to seek the route with the strongest sense of determination mixed with understanding, honesty and kindness. There comes a times when you need to leave the coward behind and move forward with confidence.

Life is filled with such quandary. Always choices.