#4 Super Engaging Book!



What Do You Do With An Idea?

Written by Kobi Yamada



As I read this children’s book, I wondered how many people have an idea…a good idea…a great idea…and let it wither on the vine. Perhaps the majority of people have an idea or a calling, but do not recognize the importance of the idea. Maybe they don’t realize that the talent that is hidden inside them is a true gift. The challenge is to find a way to change this idea into a state of fruition. An idea…a thought…an action…a plan.

In What Do You Do With An Idea?, a child has an idea and has not a clue what to do with it. He takes the easy way out and walks away. There was no way that he was going to take ownership of this strange idea. However, the idea refuses to go away. It goes along with him…beside him… and keeps popping up. He seems embarrassed about the idea. Oh no! What would other people think about his odd idea. They might talk about it. The child puts the idea in hiding.

This idea was just way too persistent. The boy realized that he was actually happy when he thought about the idea. He actually liked the idea and it began to grow and grow. He gained the courage to tell people about the idea and some of those people thought it was a crazy idea. He almost thought they were right…it was crazy to even think about it. He almost left the idea…he almost abandoned the idea. He almost listened to the people instead of his heart.

His heart said to let the idea grow again. His heart said to pay close attention to his idea. The boy began to love his idea, to nurture his idea, to listen to his idea. The idea became bigger and bigger and better and better. The boy realized “it is good to have the ability to see things differently”. The idea burst from the boy into everything. The idea burst everywhere. He found out the best part about listening to an idea…is that you can “change the world” with just one idea…if you don’t hide it.

What a wonderful book for children. Better yet…what a wonderful book for adults. Do you have an idea that you are keeping hidden? I imagine that we all do.



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