City or Farm or Both?

Four wheelers in big pasture

Our son-in-law and friends riding in one of the pastures.

My husband grew up on a farm. It is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live and we are there a lot. When my husband was growing up, his dad ran a dairy farm and milked cows morning and night…seven days a week. There is not very much vacation time with this kind of work. Word has it that they went on a vacation just one time and my father-in-law was ready to go home before they reached the highway. I am not sure if this “ready to go home” information is just a rumor or not, but I do know that when your livelihood depends on healthy animals…you need to make certain that you take excellent and continuous care of them. I doubt that I would have that kind of resolve and patience.

Actually, I know that I would not want to be a dairy farmer. My husband does not want to turn the farm back into a dairy and I really do not want to! I like to go places, seek adventure, and meet new people far too much to have lots of cows to tend. Two or three Longhorns (Hook ’em Horns!)…ok. Some big Brahmas…ok…I think that they are interesting looking. Some of those miniature donkeys…ok…they are exceptionally cute. Just enough animals to still give us some freedom. Freedom to live in a regular neighborhood sometimes and travel sometimes.

I grew up in a regular neighborhood in just a regular town…not a city, not that big. My mother and I did drive to Dallas a couple of times a month to shop. We were certainly not shopping for cows. We were on the search for clothes and shoes. It didn’t matter how long the drive took…we went to Dallas. We ate lunch at the S & S Tearoom almost every time. I think that it is closed now. If not at the S & S, we would have lunch at Neiman’s Mermaid Bar Cafe to have chicken salad sandwiches on cheese buns. I still like to go there. We also had Mocha Coffee Angel Food Cake for dessert. I finally found the recipe or one very close to the original. Seriously, this might be the best cake ever. I am desperate for a piece of cake right now!

My entire point of this post is to say that I have just retired and my husband is about to retire. We have lived in a large city for almost 40 years. I really don’t see how that is possible. In my mind, I am still 27, maybe 28. Anyway, I like the city just like I did when I was a child. My husband likes the farm just like he did when he was a child. I think that we should divide our time between both places. A compromise.

What is your opinion? City? Farm?

Divide our time between both?


Written by Pat Davis on my blog

Thank you to Ngobesing Romanus from Success Inspirer’s World for asking me to be a guest author!

Trail in the woods

One of the trails thru the woods.



6 thoughts on “City or Farm or Both?

    • I’ve never been to Sioux Falls or anywhere in South Dakota! I know it must be beautiful in your area…and you get to have snow! Snow is a rarity here and schools close when any ice comes along. Our farm is nice, but we need to remodel the house a bit here and there. My husband’s parents had it built in the 1959. Hardly any changes since then. Your farm sounds so wonderful and peaceful. Having a café nearby is important! Some days…cooking does not sound fun! Especially on a day like today when the temperature is at least 99 and feels like 110! Texas is just way too hot!!

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  1. I would probably vote for the farm LOL! I think I may be biased. The only livestock we have is my flock of chickens so we are no longer tied down and can go away if we feel like it. We did the dairy thing and that is just too much being tied down. I probably have the best of both worlds as our farm is small and we have a city within 50 miles.


    • I thought that you would vote for the farm!!! Maybe I should get a flock of chickens. No chicken coops! We have corrals and two barns…one for hay and one for the big tractor, a trailer, three four-wheelers (one in the shop, of course!) and a small sailboat that our son used at least 15 years ago. No room for chickens there! Actually, barely any room to walk inside the doors! The nearest small city is 30 minutes away and Dallas is about 2 1/2 hours…maybe a little less. There is a very small town 5 miles away, but it does have a nice grocery store and café! Not completely isolated…just sort of! It is somewhat hilly with lots of tall pine trees. Very peaceful!

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    • Thank you for your comment. I agree. I do love the farm and we have been going back and forth for years…on the weekends and holidays. There are some pastures for cutting hay and also thick woods. We have cleared trails all through the woods and ride 4-wheelers. So fun! There is a wide creek and we’ve built several bridges. We have friends/family in the DFW area and I am just accustomed to the city! And…at some point we will hopefully have grandchildren in DFW. You are right…it is demanding. Way too much for us to take care of from afar!
      Have a good day,

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