Halloween Arrives Again…Costume Searching Time…Help!!!

Halloween fourteen

Halloween cookies have made their way to the shelves at Target. Cookies by the dozen. By the hundreds. Don’t freeze any of those Halloween cookies or cupcakes for me. Ever! Ok…maybe I am weird, but I think they lose something after they have been frozen for over six weeks. Or maybe I just think it is way too early for Halloween shopping. I am still looking for some more summer sandals. I am so off schedule!!! This happens to me every holiday!


But really…I am just not ready for Halloween cookies or cupcakes or costumesTHE THREE C’s OF OCTOBER!


And the most challenging C OF OCTOBER is COSTUME! At least…to me!!!



Halloween eighteenHalloween fifteen


A few of my favorite finds for costume ideas for everyone again this year…well…maybe they are ideas for children. But…Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up…so why should you?



Halloween one

Pizza Guy On The Way!


Halloween eight

Little Red Riding Hood Catches The Wolf!


Halloween five

I Still Can’t Resist A Gumball Machine!


Halloween nine

Future Picasso!


Halloween seven

Raggedy Ann and Andy…So Sweet!


Halloween six

7-11 Time!


halloween three

Lego Power!


Halloween two

Ninja Family!


Halloween four

My Most Favorite! 



So…there you have it…a few fun Halloween costume choices for 2017!!!  Remember…sometimes it is really fun to be a child again on Halloween! 


7 thoughts on “Halloween Arrives Again…Costume Searching Time…Help!!!

    • Hello Miriam! No…I didn’t take those pictures in my classroom! Halloween was not one of the approved party days for Fort Worth ISD. The children were not allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school! I would usually have “Autumn” cookies and juice plus a little goody bag on that day!!

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      • Oh Pat, that’s interesting. We can’ celebrate Christmas or Easter, at lease we can’t call those activities by those names, but we can have Halloween celebration. Halloween parade in the neighborhood and costume contest! I guess the policies are different from state to state! You picked god ones for your post!


  1. That Raggady Ann and Andy are so cute! Though I have to say that those little secret service people are also so cute!
    Anytime you want to be a pirate or a wench and need to borrow a pirate come on over and borrow Pete!! I would love to see a photo of you with Pete the Pirate.

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    • I would love to be able to run right over and have my picture made with Pete! Certainly, I need to borrow him for a short while. I have offered Mr. Owl to Lar as collateral! Honestly, I look for a Pete the Pirate in every antique store, junk store, garage sale, flea market that I happen to be near. No, no…I am not totally obsessed! I just need a Pete the Pirate!
      Those secret service little trick or treat people are just so hysterical! I think that I will tell my niece about the costume…or maybe she saw it on my blog. She has three little children and they would be precious in that get-up! The sight might be worthy of a trip to New Orleans for Halloween!

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