Pete the Cat…I Love My White Shoes!

pete white shoes

Come on now!! Do you think that Pete the Cat could really get cranky? Of course not! And no cranky acting is the most important lesson that Pete offers to readers in the bestselling children’s book… I Love My White Shoes! When Pete keeps getting his new shoes dirty, he put his best paw forward in a good way…

“But no matter what color his shoes are, Pete keeps movin’ and groovin’ and singing his song…because it’s all good!”

Pete has brand new white shoes that he is very proud to wear. He starts walking down the street, but has so many problems. The problems are really his own fault. The problems cause his shoes to keep changing colors. He steps into one gigantic mess after another.

Pete strawberries

When he steps in strawberries…red shoes! When he steps in blueberries…blue shoes…and so on! Pete’s shoes are a disaster, but no matter what…Pete keeps movin’ and groovin’. Even when his shoes are all wet, Pete is still happy…because it is all good! How many of us can think that way?

I guarantee if I step in even one gigantic mess when I wear my new shoes tomorrow…I may not think that everything is all good! CRANKY!!! Hmmm…an attitude change might be needed on my part!!


Listen to I Love My White Shoes


When I first read this book to my Kindergarten class a few years ago, they immediately wanted to hear it again and again. We did Pete the Cat projects so often that I started dreaming about Pete at night. I dreamed that he was on top of our roof…no kidding! Then the librarian showed my class the video and the excitement really escalated!


Pete the Cat was the first in an entire series of books about this ultra happy cat character! One of the newest books in the Pete the Cat series…

Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie!!!


Pete the Cat

Guess what! Pete is still not cranky in this new book…sure to be a bestseller!!


5 thoughts on “Pete the Cat…I Love My White Shoes!

    • I will try my best to remember what you said, but don’t count on it! I really like shoes a lot! We are going to Kathleen’s mother-in-law’s house tomorrow (her husband’s too…oh dear…can’t leave him out!). We are going to be there for Easter lunch early afternoon…I think that is when we are expecting thunderstorms! But…I have not listened to any weather today and there is really a beautiful clear blue sky! Anyway, if I ruin my shoes by stepping in a mess, you will be the first to know! And I expect the same from you…not stepping in a mess, but telling me if you even come close! I imagine that you will have a wonderful Easter service despite my potential shoe problem! But don’t worry about my shoes …worry about Mike when I become overly cranky! Not grooving if I do…I will try.

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      • Well… least get photos and then you are set for the next children’s’ book, “Trisha….so not groovin in her new shoes.”
        Could be an entire lesson in there somewhere :).
        I have a feeling my husband and I will watch a service on tv as sitting on hard church pews is not a good thing yet. Then we head off to my folks for dinner with whoever can make it from my side.

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      • Great idea! I may have Mike take a video if I have problems with my shoes or my outfit. If there is mud on the ground, there would be mud on me! I did not think about the church pews! That would not be good at all! Have fun at your parents!

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