Tea Sets for Easter Bunnies…

Tea Set one

The Easter Bunny evidently climbed over the porch railing and came to our house when I was about six years old. My mother loved children’s tea sets and so do I…typical! I always like to collect things that are not that easy to find. At least…china tea sets that are still intact are difficult to find!

When I looked closely at my Easter Bunny tea set…I suddenly realized that it was…

Really Real Fine China!

I was thrilled. No wonder I love dishes today! The Easter Bunny tea set found a place on my corner shelves in my room. The tea set now has a place in my entry hall…on a shelf…behind glass. I am a bit protective, I guess!




A few special tea sets that might turn another little child into a dish collector…






Happy Easter sign




13 thoughts on “Tea Sets for Easter Bunnies…

      • I thought the same thing about the tea sets and things in common!
        Easter was a small gathering this year at my folks home. The nieces and nephews are all getting married and now we have to “share” them LOL. But it was fun!


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