Still looking for fun in a totally not fun situation. Still positive. Maybe.


ThankYouThank you so much to my readers who have written so many thoughtful and kind comments since my stroke on August 8. Your remarks have meant the world to me! For those new to my blog, thank you for following me even though I have not written an abundance of posts in recent days. I was trying to write something every day or (at least) every other day until this disturbing bit of a problem entered my life!


I am on my way back to health. I better be on my way back! This is just not that fun and I am all about fun. I do not call five doctor’s appointments in one week fun…although one receptionist is a laugh a minute. If not for her…I might rather run with the bulls in Pamplona.




Spain would be nice this time of year. Way cooler than Texas. And I mean cooler in the weather sense…as in an average daily high of 79 degrees in Pamplona and a low of 59 degrees. In Dallas/Fort Worth, the temperature is 92 degrees and rising. Guess what? It feels like about 96 degrees…I do believe that summer forgot to leave. The low temp today might be 75 degrees. Yep…it is sweater weather in Texas.



So see…those bulls are looking pretty good right now. Besides…my right leg doesn’t work correctly yet anyway. My hand is almost back to normal. That means that I haven’t dropped anything in 24 hours…a monumental record in post stroke talk. Therefore…I am surely good to go to Pamplona.


One small problem…I probably should not fly for about two months. Let me rephrase that…DO NOT FLY for two months. I might better get a second, third or even fourth opinion on the flying business. I truly need to be educated on this flying after a stroke situation. The flight time from Dallas to Barcelona is about 12 hours. Of all the luck. I would have to walk up and down the aisle at least 48 times to keep my legs working. People would be so sick of my complaining and whimpering.




Did I mention that I need to have fun?




 I was a lousy flight companion even before the stroke decided to attack me. Even back then our own daughter had announced that she might not be able to fly on the same plane with me…unless we were going to NYC. I am certain that my husband feels the same way. I am able to behave almost quietly and calmly flying all the way to NYC…my favorite destination. On a flight to Hawaii with college friends (a long time ago)…the eight hour flight was too much. I started ordering drinks like all of the other passengers…and I don’t even like to drink. It was pitiful. I do not even remember receiving the lei of flowers upon arrival. However, there was certainly one in my suitcase.




So forget what I said about Spain. I have to follow these stroke rules. I will simply have to forget fun for a short time. I know that I am vastly lucky…I could have had to forget fun for a very long time.






15 thoughts on “Still looking for fun in a totally not fun situation. Still positive. Maybe.

  1. I’m glad to hear from you, Pat. Yes, patience, and patience. But before you know it, you’ll be fully recovered. As far as watching the bullfight, all other cities in Spain except Barcelona have bullfights. Last year we went, we heard that Barcelona banned bullfight. You still can see it in other cities in Spain.


    • Hello Miriam! I have missed talking with you… plus I am wondering if your grandchild has arrived! I can’t recall the due date…our first grandchild isn’t due until very early December! Barcelona looks beautiful! We have never been there, but have considered going. One of my teacher friends grew up in Barcelona and came to the United States in a bilingual teacher program. She met her husband and stayed! They now have two precious children…they go back to Spain every summer to make sure the children know the culture. Her pictures are always amazing! You are right…the key is really patience! I am trying!!!

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      • Hi, Pat, Our school had some Sojourner teachers from Spain also.One stayed at our school. I don’t know how how did it. Our then superintendent was on the team to go to Spain to recruit teachers.
        Yes, Barcelona is beautiful. Have that as you dream vacation and wait for safe flying!!!

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  2. So pleased to hear you are getting your health back on track. That would have been a frightening incident for you. Please don’t run with the bulls, Spain is lovely but the bull population is so badly treated in that country. Perhaps the tomato throwing festival would suit you better? Just kidding but you seem like a person who would enjoy something like that. Hope your recovery continues in leaps and bounds.


  3. Oh Pat! You are an amazing writer even in the midst of your stroke recovery! I’m so sorry you are having to go through this! Hang in there and try to follow the doctors orders!


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