Construct a Kid’s Barrel Train!



What could be more fun for a child than riding a Barrel Train…especially one that was constructed at home!! The first time that I saw a Barrel Train was at our Family and Friends Thanksgiving Celebration about four years ago. Evidently, everyone else was more with the program than me…they not only knew about making the trains, but they had seen them at fairs and other events.

I suppose this is what happens when your children are suddenly grown up and the kiddie rides no longer hold the same interest! When I saw the Barrel Train being carefully unloaded from a trailer at Thanksgiving, I instantly wanted and needed one…for our future grandchildren, of course! This train was just too exciting for words. Far more exciting than the chocolate pies waiting inside the house.

All of the children rode the train off and on the entire day. First, someone had to volunteer to drive the four wheeler to pull it and someone else was needed to be the “crowd control” person. Barrel trains can also be pulled by small tractors and golf carts. I didn’t offer my own golf cart… the trails and bumps and hills have left it with a distinct lack of power!

After searching on the internet, I found many sites devoted to DIY people ready to make a Barrel Train. The following is a YouTube video that explains (easily…??)how to construct a kid’s Barrel Train! Have fun and I hope you are far more handy than me!




3 thoughts on “Construct a Kid’s Barrel Train!

    • I can’t believe that I had not seen them before! So out of it, I guess! There is no way that I could make one! There appears to be welding involved! Sounds like a Mike kind of job to me! Think about how precious your grandchildren would be riding in the train!!!! Do you know how to weld? If you do…I am signing up for a class immediately! Competition!!!

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