The chapel can even illuminate the fog within you.

Big Cedar chapel

Photo by

Looking out from a window, the grass growing nearby looks vibrant and damp from a recent rain. I see it so clearly. 

I cringe when I think about the dense fog that is almost beyond my view. How can I possibly see clearly enough to drive through the hills and down the curvy roads? What if the fog extends to the highway? What if it is foggy in the city?

I wonder too much. I worry too much. I tend to make big things out of little things. I exaggerate. I make assumptions. I am just a regular person with regular person attributes and fears.

I am just a regular person with continuous hopes and dreams. My imagination makes me fearful sometimes and yet my imagination gives me meaning. I do need to see with clarity…I need to remove the fog from within me. Only then will I appreciate the sustenance that the hidden chapel in the picture will give me.




20 thoughts on “The chapel can even illuminate the fog within you.

  1. I did see the chapel in the fog when I first saw your photo and a lovely photo it is. Driving in fog is not my favorite thing to do. Fear often gets a hold on us and keeps us from doing things we wish to do.


    • The quote is by the painter, Henri Matisse. I had never read it before and just happened to use it. I had really planned on something else! When I look back at the picture, I realize that it is really difficult to see the chapel! The chapel was in the center of all my other pictures. It was taken from the balcony of our room at Big Cedar a couple of years ago. I need to go back to Missouri immediately!

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    • Yes…I took the picture at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, Missouri. Big Cedar is located on Table Rock Lake…it is one our favorite places! Absolutely beautiful! They have at least three chapels on the hundreds of acres…the place is owned by Johnny Morris who owns Bass Pro Shops and also several boat companies. Big Cedar is a peaceful paradise in the Ozarks! Ha! I sound like I am writing an ad for them!!!

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      • I was in retail advertising for several years during my newspaper career! I was working in editorial and decided that the people in the ad department were having a lot more fun! Alas…I started teaching elementary school! Maybe I can be a travel writer and get free trips!!


      • There you go! I’ve thought about opening a MS blog and travel my state. You should do that, esp in the summer months when school is out. I bet hubby would enjoy that too. I know my wife does😃

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      • That’s a good idea! Are you already taking trips across your state? You should open the blog… does your wife also like to write? I have talked about traveling all around Texas…there are so many small and very interesting towns. I mentioned it to my husband and he would probably take the photographs, but he doesn’t like to write at all! He does like to come up with ideas! I had not considered a separate blog. My husband is in the process of retiring… hopefully he will be done in a month or two!


      • We have traveled some, just to get out and drive. While I love photography and writing, my wife likes neither. She is a great support however. I could ask her to research places to go. We have great southern places here with unique towns. I will consider it more. I guess it could turn into an income in the future with advertising but I’m not sure how to do all of that??? We are both retired, now. If you have any good suggestions in the future, I’d love to hear them.

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      • I would love to hear suggestions too. I just started having ads on my blog this past April…perhaps late March. On WordPress, the program is called Word Ads. I have made a small amount of money so far. You need very large amounts of views a day to make good money. I believe that they also go by the total number of views you have for each month. From the looks of things, you need to have about 1400 to 1500 views a month to make any money at all. You may lots of lots more views than that! It does not cost me anything to have the ads and I have found it interesting the type of ads that are chosen. If you do not like a type of ad, you can let them know. On the other subject…MS does have some unique and wonderful towns. There is so much that you could write about…I particularly like Vicksburg and Jackson. My best friend from college was with the newspaper in Jackson in the early 80s and loved it! She moved from there to publish suburban dailies for one of the large Chicago newspaper. Jackson was a good springboard for her! She moved on to purchase a historic B&B in Virginia! That’s a change! I retired this past year from teaching! Yea!!!! My husband is supportive too. You and I are very blessed indeed!


      • Yes, we are blessed. I don’t get nearly that many views on my current blog. I guess that’s because I don’t write that often, lol. But a separate travel blog could generate more if I post on a regular basis. I live in Madison, which is just 10 miles north of Jackson and 50 west of Vicksburg. I thought I could also include the festivals and Canton Flee Market which is a huge event twice yearly. Canton is also where a lot of movies are made. When I teach that “view goal” I may need your help to get it started if you will. You and hubby should start planning this out as part of his retirement. What a great thing to do together in retirement as a couple. That’s exciting!


      • Haha! Okay😃 in the future, if feasible we might could use the same name with our state to individualize it. Then encourage other people in different states to do the same in their state. Then we could use a space to interject their sites. But, that’s thinking way ahead, lol. The possibilities are exciting. Wait, slow down Andy!!! Haha!

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      • Hey, hey, hey Andy! I am just not up to speed! I am trying to catch up! That is a super idea. I have always been into group projects and I believe that your idea would work. I am going to think about names, but I like your two suggestions…you can be working on the plan. You probably don’t need sleep. This is a cool idea!!!

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      • Ha! Ha! My email is Just kidding about the sleep…actually, I am a night owl. I am the one in my family who would likely stay up very late working on projects! At some point…I had to grow up and have regular hours like my husband! Well….I guess I did…sort of! Anyway, you have a very worthy idea!


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