Two Families. One Thanksgiving.

About 56 years ago (maybe more!)…two families became friends. One family lived in the city. One family lived in the country. The city people started visiting the country. They loved the farm where the country family lived. They loved the tall pine trees, the hilly pastures, the winding trails through the woods. They loved the horses and the cows. They loved the friendly people, the smaller towns, the quiet beauty and vigor of East Texas.



Thanksgiving at the farm in 2015.

 So the city family moved from the city to one of the small towns near the farm. The city family had four children and the country family had one child. All of the children truly became close friends. The only child of the country people felt like he had four brothers and sisters. Of course, all of the original children are grown now and their children are grown. There are now many happy grandchildren.


Four Wheelers!

The original parents in the city family and the original parents in the country family are no longer with them in person. However, their spirit and love lives on and on through the wonderful tradition of their Thanksgiving Celebration…a Thanksgiving that has been shared for those 56 (or maybe more!) years. Thanksgiving is always held at the farm that everyone loved so much in the very beginning of the friendship.


One of the barns.

My husband happens to be the lucky only child who felt like he was part of a very big family. The farm happens to be our farm that I have written about in many of my posts. Our children grew up with cousins who are not really, truly cousins…but cousins that are just as close as real cousins. And friends that are the forever kind of friends.


Better steer clear if I am driving a four wheeler!

Last Thursday, our families spent another Thanksgiving together. There were 49 of us gathered for the annual celebration. During the years, we have added other friends and relatives to the group. My nephews and niece have spent many Thanksgivings at the farm. They now all have families who also share in our Thanksgiving tradition. Our friends from across the road (ironically originally from the city) celebrate with us. We have added a brother and sister-in-law to our group. My husband’s cousin joined us this year. We usually have someone new each year. We love for new people to celebrate with us.


Our grand-dog spent his first Thanksgiving at the farm.

The first Thanksgiving that I spent at the farm was just a month after I met my future husband. I had been told that it would be a large group, but I was still so very surprised! There were people everywhere…so fun, so friendly! I was asked almost immediately if they should start “polishing the silver” for a future wedding celebration. Like I said, I met him just a month before Thanksgiving! What could I say? I kind of had a feeling that it would work out, so I said “yes”. Almost two years later, they did indeed “polish silver” for a bridal shower for me…just as they did for our daughter when she married two years ago.


Train ride at the farm!

Those Thanksgivings so many years ago were the start of something so incredibly special in our lives. We spend all day together…lunch and dinner…dessert all afternoon. Football…four wheelers…walking through the woods. Talking…laughing…remembering…holding a new baby just born in August.

This is what friendship is all about!

This is what family is all about!



7 thoughts on “Two Families. One Thanksgiving.

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  2. Years ago when I was recently divorced and feeling a little lost at the holidays , this sweet family opened their arms and farm to me and my three daughters and we enjoyed Thanksgiving with these sweet people who have now become like family to us! ❤️️


    • Patty…we loved having you all for Thanksgiving that special year! You are indeed like family to all of us and always will be…whenever we are together…no matter what time of the year…someone asks about you and the girls. And it was so wonderful for them to finally meet your Albert at our daughter’s wedding!!


    • The very best gift! And…I must tell you…that you are a gift too! It is amazing to meet someone from faraway and have common bonds! The group picture was taken with a drone! We intended to do one this year, but we just didn’t get everyone together! Someone forgot! Like me! Like my husband!


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