Grandparents? Us? Yes!!!!

It is true…we are going to be grandparents in December! Our daughter and son-in-law had the gender reveal at our farm last week…on the weekend that we had family friends enjoying time together. Although we found out about our grandchild on Easter Sunday, we had been waiting to let everyone know…that was a difficult task for me! When I have very important and exciting news, I want to share it immediately! I don’t know how, but I was finally successful with keeping a secret! A miracle!


And…the most wonderful miracle of all…our grandson! So happy!!!




Grandchild one


25 thoughts on “Grandparents? Us? Yes!!!!

  1. Wow, I’m so happy for you!!! You’ll be grandparent too, in December, I’ll be, in September. How exciting! good for you to be successfully keeping the secret for so long. I found it hard to keep the secret also. I didn’t mention it in any media until my daughter post it on FB first, then I mentioned it in my blog. I respect their timing! Yea….. grandparenting…


  2. Where, where, where is the LOVE button???? We are going to have little grandsons that are 3 months apart in age …. how cool is that!!
    Congratulations my friend! You will be an amazing grandma.
    You should just see the huge smile on my face right now.


    • I want the LOVE button too! I could hardly wait to tell you…especially after I saw the reveal about your new grandson! I was having a fit!!! I promised to wait and I even told our daughter about your baby… she said that surely I could wait a few weeks to tell you!!It is so cool that the precious baby boys will be so close in age! God had something big to do with this! I can imagine your smile…my friend who I had all along the way, but didn’t know yet!!!

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      • So true! She told her best friend immediately who told her mother (my friend) right away! We were not told about the baby for another week or two. We celebrated Easter with his family and they told us all at the same time! Anyway, we went out to dinner with her friend’s parents just after they were told about the baby! I cannot believe that they did not say ANYTHING! The girls met us for dinner…I think to make certain that the secret was kept!


      • Exactly! Isn’t it amazing that our children chose the same idea for a reveal?!! I have another video that has music and shows more and I put it on the post at first…then changed it in a few minutes. I realized that there was a picture of our daughter/son-in-law that had the printed name they have chosen for the baby. That one is not the one that she put on Facebook…their friend who put the tannerite etc together also made the video. It is really neat, but I can’t figure out how to remove the picture! Have I asked anyone for advice…of course not! I am so stubborn when I want to figure something out! I absolutely do not know enough about computers, videos or whatever! I guess that I will break down and ask Mike. Also, the video and picture that she put on Facebook posts will not save correctly so I can’t get it onto WordPress. I need to go back to school and take a computer course. However…I know that the parking situation would be impossible. And I would end up parking on the grass and get a ticket!

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