Needed Now…Serious Positivity.


A few of us seem to not possess even an ounce of serious positivity. Most of us seem to personally own positivity. These people know what being positive is and what being positive can do. It is said that positivity is an entity that accepts the world as it is. That does not mean that we cannot seek change where change is needed. It means that we accept, listen, discuss, plan, collaborate. Always with a sense of understanding, positivity, seriousness, empathy and happiness…

1. Accept

2. Listen

3. Discuss

4. Plan

5. Collaborate

Always with understanding and positivity.

Always with seriousness and empathy.

Always with happiness.





I truly think that we need positivity in the world when I hear all of the disagreements, controversies, complaints, condemnation, criticizing, and non-acceptance. 

Remember…positivity accepts the world as it is. Seek change where change is needed. Seek change in appropriate ways with an appropriate voice of reason…with a peaceful, easy feeling.


10 thoughts on “Needed Now…Serious Positivity.

  1. Positivity is essential to good mental and physical health. It got me through two major illnesses, and helps me deal with the vicissitudes, the aftermath of those illnesses. Additionally, it helps one not to dwell on the little grudges that come out of minor (or major!) irritations and slights. The past is done; the present is where we exist; the future is where we can make changes or help others affect change to improve this world. Though that doesn’t mean one needs be a Pollyanna, it does mean all you note above! An excellent post!

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    • Thank you so very much! I appreciate you reading my blog. Being positive is a key to so much more important than we sometimes realize. What positivity did for you is a lifechanger for you… and it has been for me too. When we lost our son in a car accident…I am certain our positive attitudes plus our daughter’s constant positivity made the difference for us! We knew we could find our smiles again by looking at the future with happiness…though a changed happiness. Plus…we had faith!


  2. I am slowly catching up on my blog reading. I love this one!! I still need to read the one on Lemon Cake Pudding. (that sounds delicious). I have been busy tending my husband. He had his right hip replaced last Tuesday. He is doing amazing! So bear with me while I get caught up :).


    • I pray that your husband continues to improve each day! I love to hear from you, but your husband is the very top priority! Our close friends in Tulsa have both recently had replacement surgery. He had his hip replaced before the week of Thanksgiving and she had a knee replaced about two or three weeks ago. Both did great! It seems these surgeries have really improved in the years since I had to have both my knees replaced (the result of a fall on ice…naturally)!!!

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      • This is actually his second one he has had done. Back in August he had the left one done the “traditional” way where they cut through a lot of muscle in the side. This time he had it done the “anterior” way……so much better! Less invasive and less recovery time. So grateful for medical advances.

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      • I assume the less invasive hip surgery is what our friend in Tulsa had…he was right back to his usual activities in no time. The knee replacement “patient” is also back to many former activities…amazing. Her sister-in-law (also a close friend of mine) had her knee replaced week before last! She sent me a text this weekend that she had cooked dinner because she was feeling guilty about everyone doing things for her! The OTHER sister-in-law (and my friend) is having a knee replaced in the next week or so! A family affair! So…three of my best “girlfriends” will have new knees. They will be quite impossible to keep up with now!!!!! They were always on the go as it was! Oh dear!!!!!


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