A Swarm of Favorite Pictures/Video.


My family and I…Thanksgiving, 2016!

I do not know much about swarms of honeybees. Let me change that to I do not know anything about swarms of honeybees. I just know that if I were to come face to face with a swarm of honeybees…I would hightail it to the house! Posting about honeybees simply was not an option!

How about a swarm of cats? Well…I do not have any cats right now! How about a swarm of horses? Nope! How about a swarm of birds? Who am I kidding? I have not yet recovered from seeing that scary movie…The Birds! I was just a kid! Obviously, too young! So what to choose?

I looked all over the place and I finally found a swarm of something…pictures! I have tons of favorite pictures that you most likely do not care about. So…I will just choose a few from the swarm!


Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri, playing cards with friends in Tulsa, our son-in-law and friends riding four wheelers at our farm, drone family picture at Thanksgiving, chapel at Big Cedar’s Top of the Rock!



Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo…with my husband and our friends, with our daughter, even little ones can be champions, rodeo awards ceremony!


Various pictures at our farm…including our Granddog!  Plus a stained glass window from the chapel at Texas Woman’s University!


Some of my favorite pictures from our daughter’s wedding! Plus a picture of downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas.

Another photo leaving recption


A video of the opening ceremony for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner sung by the TCU men’s chorus. The video is very large and I cannot move it down… I have no idea why and I do not have the patience to try to change it anymore!!! So there you have it…a swarm of favorite pictures and one very huge video!!! 





8 thoughts on “A Swarm of Favorite Pictures/Video.

    • Thank you lots…but, I surely can’t agree with the part about me…beauty is on the inside and that is what I have to work on!! Like today when I was just totally distressed about the zoo-like atmosphere in the doctor’s waiting room…I was certainly not feeling very happy about the way people were acting and talking loudly with their phones ringing!! I was just there for a regular check-up, but some people were really sick. It was not a pretty sight and it is a lucky thing that I was called in fairly quickly by the nurse! God had a hand in that because I was just about ready to use my teacher voice! So see…beauty is on the inside and I lacked it today!!!!!! Thank you about the compliment about our family and I am glad that you liked the pictures! I guess that I like the wedding pictures the best because the church is important to our daughter and both our children were in many programs in that sanctuary! And…I really love the sound of the pipe organ! Plus…the band at the reception was super and they played a Jon Bon Jovi song that surely was just for me!!! I know that I got off topic, but that is just how I am!!!!

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      • You ARE beautiful inside and out. Just the fact you could see you were having “issues” at the doctors office speaks to that. People who are always feeling that way don’t recognize that in themselves…at least that is my experience.
        I love the fact you get off topic. That is exactly how my mind works. My husband will sometimes ask how in the world my mind got from point A to point B……I think he is amazed when I can retrace the steps my brain took to make that jump……I am just not sure if he is good amazed or kind of puzzled amazed.

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      • So funny!! Mike is the very same way…these two guys…so much alike! Last Saturday, we were going to lunch and we were talking about if it was really going to rain a lot later in the day. I said, “Sure it is! The weather guy on channel 8 is always right. And when we go see Suzanne in Virginia… how many days do want to stay there?” Honestly…that was in one breath and it made perfect sense to me. Mike said “What does Suzanne have to do with the weatherman on channel 8? Does she know him or something?” I explained it like this …It was sort of an almost foggy like day with a few sprinkles here and there. That made me think how much I like to sit on Suzanne’s upstairs porch. The view would be so pretty on a rainy day. I told him and he still could not AT ALL understand how Suzanne fit into the weather in Texas. Poor Mike! Suzanne is my best friend from college who owns a 300 year old Bed & Breakfast in Virginia…I think that I mentioned it in a post!! It is called The Inn at Meander Plantation …look it up! Just a wonderful place and Suzanne makes it really fairly just right! Especially on a rainy day. See…it all connects!

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