Seven Days. Seven B&W Photos…Challenge #3!

Fun!! I have been challenged


 Miriam Hurdle at

The Shower of Blessings

to participate in the…


Seven Days…Seven B&W

Photos Challenge! 



This challenge is to post seven black and white photos…no people, no explanation …photos of everyday life…for seven consecutive days. You will need to challenge one new blogger each day!


This is my Day #3 Photo…



owl three



Today I challenge…


Have fun!!!




Visit Miriam Hurdle’s wonderful blog…


8 thoughts on “Seven Days. Seven B&W Photos…Challenge #3!

  1. I had lunch at an antique mall in Fort Worth this week. I looked high and low for Pete the Pirate! I asked a salesperson if she had ever seen a Pete the Pirate”‘ she said…”Huh”?”. I told her that it was an Iowa thing. She thought that I was crazy!


  2. Well – it could be one of two things:
    An Owl Scarere – in our country they’re used to scare off other birds – such as pigeons – who will roost in places and make the most awful mess down the sides of buildings – with their droppings. (They can also be used to scare off small animals – but I’m not that certain it would work that well.)

    They’re normally made of plastic – but the one in your photo looks like it’s made of wood.

    But … that owl in the photo seems to have a head which possibly can move – possibly by remote control – so it could be a CCTV camera, hidden within – and maybe taking in images through those (what appear to be) glass eyes.

    Did you not know what it was when you took the photo?
    Cobs. 🙂


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