Maybe He Said. Maybe She Said.


Response to Daily Prompt: Maybe

Maybe our political situation is just not right. The current presidential election in the United States is on the fringe of a “he said-she said-they said-we said- you said” theater production. It is not a laughing matter to me. It is an embarrassing matter to me. Maybe, just maybe he really did not say that. Maybe, just maybe she really did not say that. Maybe, just maybe I am really tired of it. And it is just August.

I counted and it is still three months away until we can vote and make a decision. Maybe, just maybe I can’t listen to all this he said/she said business anymore. There are too many critical issues to discuss to listen to intelligent people waste time with name-calling, bickering, maybe false information, maybe self-promotion, and perhaps even downright anger. I want to know what they are going to exactly do about:

1. Creating a bipartisan atmosphere in the Senate and in the House so that key decisions can be addressed and solved. I see so much questionable agreement mixed with strong disagreement. Who knows what to believe? I do not see comprehensive cohesiveness at all.

2. The state of education throughout the country. High-stakes testing is causing havoc within so many school districts. I have seen this first-hand in local situations. Teaching to a test rarely causes a student to garner long-term information and recollection of information. Are we starting to create an entire generation of children who cannot think on their own? What kind of future is that?

3. Immigration is a problematic occurrence…no matter what one side or the other says. In one small area of a nearby city, I know of countless numbers of families and/or individuals who are undocumented and are maybe/probably totally living off of the government. And…the children are receiving a free education, healthcare, reduced cost housing (in some cases), free breakfast at school, free lunch at school, and in other cases…a free place to sleep and eat when some adults are incarcerated for various offenses. Until I saw it with my own eyes, I did not understand the very real as well as disturbing situation. I honestly care for these families, but is it right to take when you do not give?

Truthfully, these issues maybe are the more minor of the huge problems that need answers. Such as the economy, the environment, the fear of terrorism, healthcare, social security. I need to know who, what, when, where, why, how. Maybe, just maybe I need to know by November.

I don’t recall being distressed with absolutely both sides in my entire adult life. I will admit that I am not really political, but I have always voted. I do not want to dedicate myself to either party. I would rather vote for the person with the best ideology, the best progress, the  best vision of fairness, the best honest demeanor. I vote my heart and my heart is having a difficult time with this election.

I wonder why. It seems to me that educated, successful people could possibly find a way to be able to talk about the issues without the ever-present verbal demolition of their opponent. Maybe…I have heard enough of candidates taking the low road instead of the high road. Maybe, just maybe.


8 thoughts on “Maybe He Said. Maybe She Said.

  1. I believe that freel! giving creates a good will that empowers the receiver to move forward to where they can give. It may be the resentment & judgement that goes with the giving that creates communities that resent the society that supports them. Do we seriously want the disadvantaged to die? If not give and give with an open heart. Sorry sore point.

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    • I understand what you are saying! I taught in areas like I described for 18 years. I gave my whole heart to the children and families provided many supplies/resources. A very rewarding experience. I care unbelievably for them. I was referring to people who do not begin to be thankful for what they are freely given…those who commit crimes…I don’t resent them, but morally I think that there is a better way. I see your point, but I have seen the other side. Thank you for your comment!

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      • I hope I didn’t sound harsh, my mother worked in a school in a very bad area for decades, she adored the kids and wouldn’t hear a word against them but their parents well I’m sure you have seen some bad parents. I know there are a lot of bad people and I agree with you. I don’t know the answer but I feel society has to work out how not to polarise our society against each other, we need to stop young people from growing up believing they are hated because of the circumstances they were born into. There must be some way to teach kids, all kids that they are a worthwhile part of society. But I agree handouts to people without any thought is divisive. Sorry if I’ve offended.


  2. Your concerns are those of many, even outside the USA. However, I believe after much deliberation and research that no matter who wins, it will be business as usual, unfortunately. The issue with immigrants is that it is being used for leverage by both sides, as are all the rest of the issues you mention. The problem is that the system (political and economic) is broken. It is not politicians who rule, but corporations. They make the refugees, then use them to scare us. Follow the money. Who finances terrorists? Who supplies them with weapons? Why?
    It is a complex world we live in and the media are not mostly of any help, but a distraction from the true issues.

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    • I so agree with you and absolutely think that the problem is so much deeper than many realize. The immigration issue is certainly being used as leverage…particularly for refugees from Syria and other surrounding countries. However, I see many immigrants from Mexico on a first hand personal basis. Having taught for more than several years at bilingual schools in a large Texas city, I have observed serious problems. These particular people have no associations with corporations that I can discern. They simply cross the border illegally and hope to begin a better life. Or perhaps they are leaving a very crime ridden society. I do understand their hardships in their native Mexico and their hardships in the USA. They do not have proper papers, many do not want to become proficient in another language, and have a difficult time finding/keeping a job without proper documentation. Their children are usually (in my personal experience) bright despite their home life, they are ambitious, they are polite. They are caught in a web of deception in many ways. The school is their refuge and also their hope for the future. Simple and complex. I do think when the border is crossed that the responsibility and sensibility needs to begin. Thank you so much for your comment. You have raised questions for me to consider today!

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