Tyler Texas! Where Pink Azaleas and Red Roses Abound!

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Home on the Azalea & Spring Flower Trail

Bright colors of a multitude of flowers, a floral scent in the air and the natural beauty of East Texas describe Tyler, Texas. Known as America’s Rose Capitol, Tyler presents the annual Texas Rose Festival in October. Tyler is home to so many wonderful flowers that the city also hosts the annual Springtime…

 Azalea & Spring Flower Trail… a driving and walking tour through the historic and absolutely beautiful Azalea District. 


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Located just 95 miles east of Dallas, Tyler is a city of over 108,000 with every cultural opportunity coupled with a strong business base. However, Tyler maintains a friendly Texas ambiance that makes a visit fun for the entire family.

I have loved Tyler for as long as I can remember…I grew up in Longview, Texas…about 37 miles east of Tyler. I even played my accordion at a Friday night variety show at a Tyler city park that just happens to have an amphitheater! Located very near the Azalea District, Bergfeld Park is still vibrant today.


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Azalea Trail History

quoted from the following link…

Azalea & Spring Flower Trail


“While oil booms gave Tyler an economic head start in the 1930s, azaleas and rose blooms gave the city its beauty. Azaleas were introduced to Tyler in 1929 by Maurice Shamburger, one of the city’s early nurserymen. Pleased with the results of a test garden of azaleas, Shamburger shipped the colorful plants here by the boxcar loads from Georgia.

After completing his garden in 1929, Shamburger discussed the beautification potential of azaleas with Mrs. Sara Butler of the Tyler Courier Times Telegraph. Mrs. Butler not only encouraged Shamburger to promote azalea plantings in the city, but planted a number of bushes at her own home on Charmwood St.

That home site, along with several other gardens on Lindsey Lane, soon became springtime showplaces with their colorful azalea blooms, and Tylerites began buying the plants by the thousands. Some of the thick, towering azaleas at older homes on the Trail date back to the 30s and 40s.

By 1960, the blooming azaleas were attracting much attention and that year the Chamber of Commerce established a marked route. The first Trail featured 60 homes on a five-mile route.

The Trail was an instant success.”


Azalea & Spring Flower Trail

Tyler, Texas


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