Franklin the Turtle. His Mother’s Day Gift. The Best!

  franklin one

I am crazy about Franklin the Turtle books…that turtle has a place in my heart. If you are familiar with the Franklin series of children’s book, you know that they always teach an important and timely lesson. My own children liked to hear them over and over again and later on they read them over and over again. What could be better?


Franklin two

Some books are meant for receiving awards for writing outstanding children’s books. That does not always mean that those books can truly relay a message to a young child. Certainly, many award winning books are well written with beautiful illustrations. There is no doubt about that.


However…as an elementary school teacher…when I wanted to completely capture a four, five or six year old’s imagination…I pulled out one of the dearly loved “Franklin the Turtle” books!

Tried and True Franklin!!



In the book, Franklin’s Gift…the little turtle made a really wonderful homemade gift for his Mom for Mother’s Day. Franklin soon found out that his friends were talking about what they had bought for their Moms! He was so very worried and thought that he had made a bad decision…but, Franklin was SO proud of what he had made! Should he pursue another present?



Franklin’s Gift

Do you think that Franklin made the right decision? Maybe as grownups, we too are faced with confusing decisions! I never underestimate the power of a Franklin the Turtle book…they simply are wonderful books for children and also for adults!



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