Turn out the lights in room #119.

On the final day of my teaching career last year, I placed the following post on my site. It is a heartfelt remembrance of the children in my last class. Since it has been almost almost a year since my retirement…I decided to reblog the post…especially since the prompt for today is the word “final”. Being able to move on to other new endeavors is wonderful, but I will always hold a special memory of the children I taught.



A child asked me on Thursday why I was putting their books in boxes. “Teacher, we are not finished reading the books in the reading center! Do you think that we don’t even like those books? Put them back on the shelf! PLEASE!!”…other children quickly started asking questions. No matter what I said, they could not understand that we had reached the very last day of school.

I normally do not start totally taking apart my classroom until the children are gone home on the last day of school. They get very sad because they usually think that the school is the prettiest place that they have ever seen. It is true…many of the children have never been very far out of their neighborhood. Our school is very important to the structure of the neighborhood. I always have many parents who also attended elementary school in this very  location. I’ve never felt or seen such…

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