Seven Days. Seven B&W Photos… Challenge #2!

Fun!! I have been challenged


 Miriam Hurdle at

The Shower of Blessings

to participate in the…


Seven Days…Seven B&W

Photos Challenge! 



This challenge is to post seven black and white photos…no people, no explanation …photos of everyday life…for seven consecutive days. You will need to challenge one new blogger each day!


This is my Day #2 Photo…


truck one


Today I challenge…


Have fun!!!




Visit Miriam Hurdle’s wonderful blog…


10 thoughts on “Seven Days. Seven B&W Photos… Challenge #2!

    • Thank you, Miriam! It was our son’s truck…it was a 1958 Ford. He got it just before he was a senior in high school and drove it back and forth to friend’s houses and to school. It was in good condition, but we didn’t want him driving on the freeways etc in it! You believe how loud it was! There was nothing on it to make it loud…just how they were made. He didn’t take it to Austin for college…it stayed home! We sold it a couple of years ago to a neighbor’s friend who loves trucks from that era!

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  1. Hello KinderG.
    Thank you so much for the nomination but … I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on this one as I have a little too much going on right now and am struggling. So would you mind if I asked you to pick someone else instead of me.?

    Please don’t be offended or upset. It’s just that life gets in the way of fun and enjoyment sometimes, as it has this week for me. grrrr!
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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