Trinidad, Colorado…A Hidden Treasure!


Trinidad, mountains in distance

Trinidad, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the distance!

When we drive to Colorado from Texas, we always stop for the first night in the historic, quirky and artsy town of Trinidad. We happened to discover Trinidad on our first driving trip to Colorado…when our children were young and we were naive about traveling with a totally talkative four year old and a totally curious nine year old. Frankly, we thought that it might take two days to get out of Texas. We sort of regretted informing them of the significance of those Historical Markers!


It seems like we stopped at every single marker and were informed many miles ahead of when to expect another. Therefore, we could not make it to our first intended overnight stop. Cancel the reservation in Colorado Springs! Trinidad…you better get ready for us!


We found a Best Western or maybe a Holiday Inn. Tired. It’s a long drive from Fort Worth to Colorado! The next morning we drove around the town and immediately encountered a very inebriated guy standing and trying to direct traffic (not in a synchronized manner) in the middle of Main Street. There was no traffic, but he did look rather happy and disturbed at the same time. Our two children were shocked and disgusted (to say the least) by the sight. They talked about it on each subsequent Colorado trip.


garden two

Garden in downtown Trinidad


Naturally, we planned to stop in Trinidad for the first night of our recent Colorado trip. A friend asked why in the world would we stay THERE. I must have gotten a bit carried away talking about the street guy. She had remembered the incident for over twenty years. Really…she and her husband were not even going on the trip!




Building in Trinidad

Ornate downtown Trinidad building


According to official visitor information…”Few towns in Colorado have undergone such  dramatic transformations as Trinidad. Just north of the New Mexico border and Raton Pass, Trinidad was a stop on the Santa Fee Trail and home  to trappers, trader and early ranchers in the 1800s”


Main Street in Trinidad, 1800s

Main Street in Trinidad, late 1880s


What to see and what to do in Trinidad… according to information from the Trinidad Welcome Center…

 1. History buffs will want to visit the Trinity History Museum. The museum showcases the Santa Fe Trail and how Trinidad played such a vital role as southeastern Colorado commerce developed. The museum includes the Corazon de Trinidad Historic District’s Boca House and Bloom Museum collections.

2. Prehistoric humans have lived in the nearby Trinchera Cave for thousands of years. Artifacts can be found at the Louden-Henritze Archeology Museum.

3. Camping, boating, fishing and hiking can be enjoyed at Trinidad Lake State Park.

4. Comanche National Grasslands is home to Picket Wire Canyonlands…the location of one of the most extensive dinosaur sites in North America.

5. Trinidad has been named a Certified Colorado Creative District. The Southern Colorado Repertory Theater  is an important part of the district.

6. Santa Fe Trail Days is a Trinidad event in June that celebrates the historic trail. Artocade in September features a parade of artfully decorated cars.



Trinidad, Colorado…cultural and yet still a bit wild…and that is what makes this southeastern Colorado town an interesting stop for us!


13 thoughts on “Trinidad, Colorado…A Hidden Treasure!

    • Thank you for your comment! We almost overlooked Trinidad on our first stop when our children were little. We actually were in a hurry to reach our destination…I am surprised that we took the time to explore the town a bit! A lesson learned…take the time and you might find a surprise filled with history!


  1. Jan and I have been through Trinidad many times. We have never stopped though. We love to drive highway 12 from Trinidad to Walsenburg, and when returning to TX from Walsenburg to Trinidad, to see the Spanish skirts and for me to catch some trout in those small lakes on the drive.Good to see you getting back into action.

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    • Next time…maybe you can stop in Trinidad! The museum in the ornate large house is really interesting! We’ve not driven on Highway 12. Next time we will certainly do that! Trinidad has a very nice lake that we were not even aware of for a long time! I will be doing lots better when I can start physical therapy. My evaluation is not until Sept 11… I am hoping that they have a cancellation!


  2. Trinidad sounds like the kind of place my husband and I would enjoy….We love the out of the way places that most people don’t bother with. Lots of history and less people! What is not to like!
    And how are you doing with your physical therapy? Been thinking of you alot!

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    • I have really had a difficult time completing posts because I just can’t focus for very long…I am tired continuously! I did finish a post just a little while ago! I am sorry for being a lousy friend lately…I will do better eventually!! You would love Trinidad! The museums are terrific! I wish that you could have seen our children when we saw that guy in the street…they really never, ever forgot it! They thought it was a wild west town like in old cowboy movies! The kind of movies that Mike likes!

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      • Lar also love westerns! He loves to watch Bonanza and Gunsmoke on the tv channel that carries old shows.
        You are not a lousy friend! You are a friend who is having to go through a tough time and needs to focus on getting better. Just wish I was there to come over and bake you some treats and make some freezer meals for you!
        Don’t tear yourself down Patricia….Use that energy to get through the day and get better… will get there!

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      • Thank you so much, Faye! I just knew that you would say that Lar also loves westerns! Twins! Mike also loves Bonanza and Gunsmoke! There is an artist who paints posters for professional rodeos all over the place. He always does one for the Fort Worth rodeo and it is printed for people to buy. We have been getting one for about six years and have framed them for the farmhouse! They are so cool! Anyway…my reason for telling you this story…the artist (an older man) was an actor on Gunsmoke and still does some acting. I can’t remember his name (naturally) or what part he played…I will look it up. He is a real character!

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      • I just looked him up too! I can’t believe that I couldn’t remember his name and neither could Mike! And he always signs the posters and we talk to him every year! He is a terrific artist…the posters are mostly real poster size, The last couple of years are so, they have been more narrow…great for us because it saves on the framing cost! I won’t forget the name BUCK TAYLOR again!

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