Our Vacation Interruption. A Stroke. Surely Not Me.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado…photo by kindergartenknowledge.com

At least the scenery was spectacular when I had a stroke last week…no warning! One moment fine. One moment not at all fine!


Driving through the winding mountain roads near Winter Park in Colorado, the views were beautiful. Hairpin curves were prevalent…way too prevalent for the speeds of some of the other drivers! I’ve been to Colorado many times…on much more curvy roads at much higher elevations, but this drive through the mountains was particularly nerve-racking!

I had no idea how nerve-racking the drive would get. I suddenly realized that I could not bend my pointer finger when I tried to pick up my cell phone after I dropped it on the floor of our car. Within a minute or two, the entirety of my right hand was numb. Strange feeling. Odd feeling. Frightening feeling. My husband and I had no idea what was causing the problem, but we knew that it occurred just as we were entering the higher elevation.



Before we received the stroke news…I was just enjoying the wonders of the Rocky Mountains! Evidently, I needed a hat to cover up my windblown hair!


We thought that surely the elevation was the culprit. Or was it? What had been unfurled upon us? I could not grip anything with my right hand. My cell phone felt like I was picking up a heavily weighted dumbbell. I would immediately drop my phone onto the floor of the car.



My husband appears much closer to the edge than me…no way would I stand that close! He had the sense to wear a hat in the windy weather!


I could not pick up my purse at all. I could not pick up a small bottle of water. I could not open the glove compartment with my right hand. I could not even begin to retrieve a single sheet of folded paper from a side pocket of my purse. My entire right hand had unfortunately been rendered virtually useless in a matter of less than four minutes. I had no warning at all.

After we finally arrived at our condo, I found that I could not walk without help from my husband. As we walked into the building, I could not seem to lift my right foot and found myself sliding my right foot the entire way inside. So scared. This was real. This was an event that came about like a quiet wind that turns into a hurricane overnight.


I most definitely had a stroke. Thank goodness…I had a mild stroke. The result could have been so much more complicated. It has been one week and I still have difficulty with my right hand.


Currently, there is no way that I can write or even begin to hold a pen. I can type with one hand, but working the mouse is almost impossible. My hand gets very tired and it does not even seem like a real hand. I look at my hand and I am certain that it belongs to someone else.


My walking seems to be getting worse, but should improve quickly after I begin physical therapy. I will have occupational therapy for my hand. In May, I completed a six month stint of physical therapy as a result of my back injury from a car accident.


If I am sent to the same physical therapy facility, I might as well be given a public relations position! For sure… I should get a parking place with my name on it!!


The good news is that we are back in Texas and had a wonderful time in Colorado despite the stroke! After we returned home, I spent one night in the hospital for a litany of tests. The MRI showed a very small blood clot on the left side of my brain which can most likely be resolved without surgery. All of the other tests turned out very normal!


So…that is our vacation story for this year! I am so sorry for my absence from writing my blog…I will try to catch up. I have stories to tell and lots of pictures to share! Besides…I miss everyone of you…my special friends from around the world!!



A double rainbow that happened to appear on our way back through West Texas…a happy and promising sign in the midst of our worry!






17 thoughts on “Our Vacation Interruption. A Stroke. Surely Not Me.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I hope that your mom is improving…I know that it is a very long road back. What a scary 17 days that must have been for your mom, you and the entire family. My heart is certainly with you. I am definitely going to read your blog!


  1. Excellent, writing and if I could have chosen where I had my stroke it would have been Colorado . It’s good to see another recovering stroke survivors doing something they enjoy . I also write a blog my blog address is https//overcomingspeechobstacles.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your comment! You are right…at least, I had the stroke in Colorado! I am in physical therapy (OT and PT) two times a week. My hand is better, but I still cannot sign my name correctly or even print my name. My walking has a long way to go! I am determined to stay positive!


  2. Good Lord woman!!! I am just sitting here in shock and thanking God is was a mild stroke!!! Please, please take care of yourself!!! I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. Of course you deserve your own parking space!!! Don’t they know WHO you ARE?!! Duh!! 🙂 Hugs and prayers Pat!!


  3. Dearest Kindergarten, I’m so sorry to hear of your stroke. You must have been worried sick about what was going on with your body. I cannot imagine being in the same situation and dealing with it as calmly as you did.

    I pray that your hand will become fully funcioning again, very soon, and that everything returns to the normal it was before. Know that many people here are praying for you and keeping you in their prayers.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x


  4. Oh Pat!!! That is way too scary! I had missed you on wordpress the last while. I am glad you are on the mend.
    I would definitely request a personalized parking spot at the therapist! I see no reason they should deny your request.
    Will keep you in my prayers for a quick and full recovery so your hand will feel like it belongs to you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my…I have missed you! The stroke happened just one week ago when we were really on the curviest roads imaginable! I had no symptoms whatsoever and we were having a wonderful vacation! I had been trying to write the post about the stroke all week long. I have been so tired and the computer mouse frustrated me! Praise God that the stroke was considered mild, but my hand and right leg will take a while to be back to normal! At least…I think physical therapy is fun!!

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  5. Oh dear, this sounds like a frightening experience! I hope things are back to normal very soon for you. I’m always amazed at your sense of humour and uplifting spirit no matter what life throws at you. Your holiday snaps are beautiful. I’d love to see the Rocky Mountains. Take care. x


  6. Oh my goodness, I’m so please it was a mild stroke, sounded awful all the same. Hope you are soon back in the saddle again. Wishing you well.


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