A Painted Village in Poland.




Zalipie, Poland might possibly be epitome of  the word “quaint”.   Every building and the majority of items in the town are painted by hand in the quintessential folk art style of Polish artists. Flowers are really the chosen subject and the results are a very pretty showcase of Polish culture.

There is a long-standing legend that says the village residents noticed that soot and smoke smudges were taking over their cottages. The culprit was all of the village wood-burning stoves!


What to do? What to do? Paint over the smudges, of course!





The painters took a hint from the colors in their gardens and followed suit. They didn’t stop with the houses once the painting started. Everything imaginable is painted…water wells, dog houses, chicken coops, bridges, churches and kitchens! Flowers and more flowers are everywhere!





11 thoughts on “A Painted Village in Poland.

  1. I am trying to figure out the barn quilt project…it sounds SO fun to make and to look at! I have asked lots of people if they have heard about barn quilts! Not one person knew about them! Therefore…I definitely need to make one! Then we three can have an “art show” of our wooden quilts on a blog post!! I am still thinking about the small dairy barn at the farm as the quilt location!


    • Ha! I wish that I could paint the original white dairy barn like that! It is small (not like the ones that dairies have today!) and we have thought about turning it into a bunkhouse! I will take a picture of it…it would be so cute with a little porch on the front! The house at the farm is red brick…I would really like to paint it a light gray or a similar color. And add a porch. And add a deck. And re-do the bathrooms. And add another bedroom. Or just build another house. Sure! Sure! Sure! “All it takes is money” as Mike would say!!!!!!!!!!

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      • I am trying to convince Lar that we need to make a barn quilt to put on our barn. It might be an Iowa thing and I think it is so cool…..Lar is not impressed. Maybe I will have to make a miniature one and put one on the chicken coop.

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      • Good idea…begin with the chicken coop so that he can visualize the concept! I love the idea and have never seen a quilt painted on a barn! Do you have any pictures…very cool!!!! I mentioned painting flowers on the small dairy barn and Mike had a look of distress on his face! Not impressed at all! These guys!!!!!


      • I have truthfully never heard of a Barn Quilt.

        I know what a Quilt is … fabric, sewn together – some with patchwork patterns etc., for I have a great selection of those … but …. a ‘Barn Quilt’? I’m going to have to go in search of those.
        I shall ask Mr. Google.
        ~ Cobs.x

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      • It is a huge quilt square made out of wood and paint. Then people put them on the big haymow doors on their barns. They look so cool. In Iowa every county has their own pattern. Of course being independent type of people as farmers…they don’t stick to the pattern of their county if they like another one better!

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      • I asked Google for ‘Barn Quilts’, then clicked on images… Ohhhhh some of them are just beautiful!

        I’ve since then sat here wondering where on earth I could hang a Barn Quilt from, outside our cottage here in the UK. I think it would look rather nice hung on the exterior, end wall of my ‘art annexe’ (i.e. craft room to you and me! lol)

        I’m working out now how to talk Cobs Snr. round to this wonderful idea! 😀
        sending love your way Chicken, ~ Cobs. x

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