Ten Places I NEED To See…Ten Of Many Places!


Let’s just go ahead and blame Barnes & Noble for my new travel obsessions. Honestly, I was innocently looking for a log cabin house plan magazine. I love log cabins. Are we going to build a log cabin? Highly doubtful. I just like to look at the outside pictures, the inside pictures and the house plans…just in case someone decides that he indeed likes them. Notice that I did not name any names. One problem with finding the magazine that I wanted…


I saw the National Geographic titled “100 Best Destinations…Around the World in Four Seasons”! I suddenly realized how much I might be missing around the world. I quickly forgot the log cabin. I mean…how can we afford a really cool log cabin when we have so many natty and wonderful places to visit?


So…I have studied the National Geographic for hours and determined the top ten places that I HAVE to see. I found it practically impossible to choose only ten, but it is very necessary for me to visit the following places…


1. Edinburgh, Scotland…to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s largest arts festival!



2. Alberta, Canada…for the Calgary Stampede, one of the biggest rodeos in the world!




3. French Polynesia…to Moorea…ah!!! the South Pacific!




4.  Copenhagen, Denmark…to Tivoli Gardens…especially in November or December.




5. Vilnius, Lithuania…at Christmas…when the lights and the snow make the scenery resemble a snow globe.


Winter in Vilnius, Lithuania


6. Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand…to walk on the skyline trails!


New Zealand trails


7. Western Cape, South Africa…to visit Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.


Cape Town Kirstenbosch


8. Acadia National Park, Maine…to see Cadillac Mountain and join the Acadia Night Sky Festival.

Acadia National Park

9. Cornwall, England…to walk the Cornish Coast that winds past Celtic ruins and small villages.




10. Kassel, Germany…to see the place where the Brothers Grimm documented many folktales from the area…such as Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Snow White! Visitors can travel the Fairy Tale Route from Hanau to Bremen!


Kassel, Germany




***And…so many more fascinating places to visit! Another post may be extremely necessary!***




14 thoughts on “Ten Places I NEED To See…Ten Of Many Places!

  1. I’ve been to Edinburgh and Acadia in Bar Harbor, Maine. I actually just posted a blog post on what you shouldn’t miss out on when you go to Acadia. Be sure to check it out, and let me know if you have any questions!

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    • Thanks a bunch, Jana! We had so much fun at lunchtime at Mendoza! I missed you all so much when I moved to Diamond Hill. At first, I didn’t have anyone to have lunch with…they barely had a place for the teachers! Then they converted a classroom to a teacher’s lounge and it was much better. I had some fun times at lunch, but not as fun as when we were in that “dining room” down in the basement at Mendoza!!


  2. Great post! I have been lucky enough to go to four of your 10 and am drinking coffee from my Schloss Neuschwanstein castle mug that I bought there 2 years ago! You need to add Tromso and the Northern Lights to when you visit Copenhagen. Btw, The Little Mermaid really is little! 😃🦉

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  3. Now that would be an amazing trip! I have been to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. When you get there you also need to see the little mermaid sitting on her rock. (Hans Christina Anderson)
    You should also add the Neuchwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany…well worth the time!!!

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    • I would love to see the mermaid! Maybe we can visit a few of the places…the ones that are close together! I do want to see that castle! I think that our daughter saw it on one of her choir trips! I imagine that you had the best time ever!!!

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