Wind Sculptures! Peaceful! Eclectic! So Cool! One Problem. PRICE!!! Oh Well!

This situation started when a person in our suburb built a new house with a Wind Sculpture in the yard. Actually, the owner bought a lot with the original house still standing. I thought that it was a fine house that could use some HDTV type creativity. The buyer (who I do not know at all) wanted a brand new house. Therefore, the original house was totally torn down…a house that was built around 1976 or so. The new owner wanted the lot and the beautiful trees and the very nice older neighborhood. 


At least, the newly built house is absolutely wonderful. Very different. A new model Craftsman type. I call it a mild storybook style house with a modern flair. It is vastly different than the other new homes that are being built in our suburb and other suburbs nearby. The other new homes closely resemble castles with massive amounts of square footage…some with a pretty fountain and pond and a long driveway. I have often thought about going up and knocking on the castle door and asking…


“Excuse me…I just have one question. What did you do that I did not do to be able to afford this castle-like residence?”


However…truthfully…these houses are too big, too elaborate, just too much. They are simply not something that we would care to own even if we won the lottery or something. Maybe some people just like to show-off and brag without having to say a word. Their homes say it all!


Whoa!!! I got a bit off track. That’s what castle houses do to me! Back to the truly wonderfully built and new Craftsman style house. I am crazy about this house and I have to drive by it every day to get to the highway. I suppose that I could go the other direction…but why miss seeing this very unique house?


As if the house isn’t enough…there is the above mentioned unbelievably “more unique than even the house” Wind Sculpture in the yard. I can’t even explain what it is like. Fortunately, I don’t have to. We were at an outdoor Art Show this weekend and what do you know?!?! We walked around a corner and there was an array of the exact type sculpture that the wonderful storybook house has!


Just like that…we found the sculptures and the designer and the wonderful display. Yea!! Like some kind of crazed shopper who had found the golden egg, I studied each sculpture. So did my husband. He is certainly not normally as crazy as me! We both took videos. We talked to the out-of-state based sculptor. And then we saw the prices.




We are speaking of multiple, multiple thousands of dollars. Forget the wind sculpture that would look so very cool at our farm. Surely, we can learn to make wind sculptures out of metal and glass that move with the wind every which way at the same time…perfectly in sync.



My first idea was that I could perhaps become an apprentice for the sculptor.


Reasons why this is a preposterous idea:

#1 Reason…Why would a sculptor need an apprentice when he appears to be doing more than fine on his own?

#2 Reason…I have no talent and no experience in sculpture whatsoever. And I am simply lousy with tools.

#3 Reason…The daily commute is slightly difficult. An apprentice evidently cannot live over 2,000 miles away. We are just not moving because of a Wind Sculpture


Now we are on the search for Wind Sculptures that do not cost half as much as a very nice car. We are thinking that we perhaps can find one that is the price of a sofa and a chair. Forget the chair… the price of only a sofa will do. Excuse me…I need to go buy a lotto ticket!


9 thoughts on “Wind Sculptures! Peaceful! Eclectic! So Cool! One Problem. PRICE!!! Oh Well!

  1. OMG! You are a weirdo like me :)! I LOVE those things too and I went to a art fair not long ago and was thinking how crazy wonderful it would be to have a bunch of them in my (neglected) back yard…until like you…ah, $4,000!!! Are we smoking crack?! Good lord!! No way that I would put a $4000 piece of ANYTHING outdoors for starters…umm…then there is the cost….maybe one day someone will tire of theirs and I will inherit one from some unknown to me as yet, wealthy friend! I’ll tell them to send one your way too 🙂 Loved you noticed the spelling error ha!

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    • Of…I am a true weirdo! And evidently this neighbor around the corner (who built my future home) is a weirdo too. A wealthy weirdo! They are amazing wind whatever they are! The cheapest was $4,000, but the typical price for a small one is about $6,ooo. My favorite was $16,000! My husband…who is the exact opposite from being a true weirdo…loved them too! He is an accountant…you know…so practical…not crazy like me! I will wait for you to find a benefactor!!


    • I thought that you would probably like them! I even told Mike to walk around for a while…so I could just sit on a bench and stare at them! Surely…we can figure out how to make them. The tall one is over $16,000!! The shortest is about $6,000!! I was shocked by the prices! A couple looking at them when we were there actually bought one of the large ones! I am so out of it that I thought the biggest ones would be about $300!!! I have never heard of Scheels, but I need to go there!!!

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      • Whoa! That is a high priced wind chime! I wonder if that store has a website?! We really must come to Iowa someday! I imagine that you have a lot of wind…the wind sculpture would be so cool! You could entertain your ladies with it! I could entertain my little donkeys! But…no money left for groceries!!!


      • I can’t find the wind chimes on the Scheels website! I really want to go to this store…I cannot believe that they have an indoor ferris wheel!!!!!!!! How cool! I think that I did not spell “ferris” correctly! They have a store opening in northern Colorado in September! I HAVE to find those wind chimes! I may have to stay up half the night looking on the internet! If you were my neighbor, I would have to insist that you come over and help! As if I could stay awake that long!!!


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