Suddenly I Like Boots. Strange.



I think that I will choose the blue short boots or…any of them!


For several years…maybe even a lot of years…I wore clogs. You know those shoes that look normal at the front, but have no back. I had to learn to walk in them. Why would anyone in their right mind want to wear shoes that have a learning curve? What a curiosity! What an oddity! What a conundrum! Yes…what a puzzling situation!

Even though puzzling, I started thinking that clogs were sort of attractive. OK…maybe, they were just casual and comfortable. If I could have always stayed upright in them, I would have been totally comfortable. When your foot slips off the back of the clog, there is not much you can do but fall down. Well…that was my own personal experience. The clog became rather dangerous and the falls were less than comfortable. And certainly the falls were not graceful.

And Then I Discovered The Short Boot!

Like Successfully Panning For Gold In Colorado!

Comfort! No Kidding!

While shopping for who knows what, just shopping for something…I hear some short black boots calling my name. Evidently… these boots are correctly called booties. But..what does a clog girl really know about boots? I tried them on and guess what?!?! They felt great. They fit. They made me walk a little straighter. They made me feel taller. I realize that the last statement is a stretch. Just let me be naive for a little longer!

My First Short Boots! Ok…Booties…



Other Interesting Short Boots…



Love the color…love the heel height!



Different style and I really like them…even with the biker look!


And Lastly…Should It Snow This Year In Texas…I Will Definitely Need These…

But…Don’t Count On The Snow At All!!!



11 thoughts on “Suddenly I Like Boots. Strange.

  1. My husband was pretty excited about your Honda Trail 90. :).
    I do have a pair of short boots but the heels are kind of odd and they are not comfortable. the ones you have photos of look much better!
    Yup I am seeing you in an orange outfit perhaps a touch of leather?

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    • Definitely leather…and not any of this fake stuff! Maybe I need to go to a Harley store! My Trail 90 is still terrific! It is like the Energizer Bunny! We have 3 or 4 Trail 90 bikes and another Honda that is a 125. I think that I have the number right! All lots of years old and in various states of running power! I am a bit prejudiced in that I think that mine is the best! I bought it before we were married…at a Honda store in Tyler…big town near the farm! The bike was USED even then!


    • Yes…I do need some biker boots! I do have a well over 30 year old Honda 90 Trail Bike! It is orange (for UT Austin) and I could get an outfit to match! Truly…do you have any short boots? They are great! Maybe you need to go shopping!!! I am just wild with these boots on!!


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