Teacher Necessities…Yarn and Sticky Notes. And Please…A Laminator!

Teachers crave and hoard yarn…at least I did. I had yarn hidden all over the room. The filing cabinet was a perfect place. Place a roll of yarn way back behind the file folders. Place the filing cabinet beside your desk next to the wall. No one will bother the yarn there.

Leave yarn in a cabinet and you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the late night yarn grabbers. They have to exist! Why did my turquoise yarn repeatedly seem to disappear? First of all…I was too new to realize about the cabinet problem. Second…one of my best friends taught next door and her favorite color was turquoise.


The day she put up child-made flowers in the hallway sealed the speculation. They were partly turquoise! I learned my lesson! She was caught fair and square!


Yarn can be used for so many art projects…especially for young children. Think about it…yarn is soft and pliable, it glues almost easily (in a weird sort of way), it does not cost much and it is pretty to look at.


I love yarn. Now that I am not teaching… I miss it! If you teach kindergarten, you too may have caught this strange fetish! It is not particularly curable!


The following pictures are very similar to yarn projects that my classes completed. I have samples of these projects in some box that I brought home from school. I have no idea which box and I have no idea why I am keeping them! Anyway…try these yarn projects…


yarn three

yarn two

yarn one


 Why didn’t I think of the yarn ideas pictured below? I might have been a millionaire! I could have made wooden boxes instead of the tissue boxes!


While on the subject of teacher necessities…do not forget the indispensable sticky notes and the working laminating machine!

I am not sure that I thought of place value sticky notes. Oh goodness…I hope that I did!


laminator two


laminator three

So true…there is rarely a witness to the laminating machine breaking! Perhaps it is the same late night yarn grabber…they do seem to exist!

Just remember…some teachers who are  without yarn, sticky notes and a working laminating machine are probably reaching the point of no return. And… I never even brought up the subject of stickers! The least you can do is to make them some chocolate chip cookies!!




8 thoughts on “Teacher Necessities…Yarn and Sticky Notes. And Please…A Laminator!

  1. I am loving those yarn letters! I was on the verge of maybe clearing some of my yarn stash and now I need to reconsider…..I may have letters to make.
    I got a cheap laminator a couple years ago for Christmas…..love that thing!

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