And the flowers grew quickly!

Free Bouquet of Flowers

As I backed out of our driveway, I glanced to the left and…


A little yellow flower had appeared. The lavender tiny flowers on a tree made an appearance the very next day.

And then they were here, there and everywhere…Spring flowers!

Maybe it is a bit early for the flowers to be popping out from their hiding places. I seriously doubt it will freeze in Texas again this year. We barely had any freezing days at all…so the flowers decided to begin arriving. I say we should just quicken the process and plant some more! It seems that the world needs some extra beauty these days!

A few pictures of the first flowers to appear in our yard this week…









FullSizeRender (85).jpg




4 thoughts on “And the flowers grew quickly!

  1. You are right. We certainly cannot be stupid…even though I worked on those stupid pictures for about three hours last night. I could NOT stop! Mike kept telling me “I told you to take a class!”…that did not help!. It made me even more determined to figure it out. I am stubborn. Stubborn and happy!!!!!! On HGTV, the show House Hunters International is featuring some people who are looking for houses in New Zealand. So pretty. Maybe we should get a cabin in New Zealand AND Colorado! OK? I will start playing the lottery,
    even though I don’t believe that it is a good idea to throw $$ away!!!!


    • Thank you a bunch! We are really just starting to have some flowers. I want to go to the nursery and buy some petunias etc to put into a flower bed in the front yard. I have never bought them this early! Since the mud/snow phase has already started, maybe the flowers are next for you! I am still adding pictures to the post…I cannot get some to download. I am doing something really wrong! Who knows what!!!!!

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