Spiked Hair. $$$$$ For Gel. Tomorrow.

 fletchers-corny-dogBefore spiked hair. Looking awful at the State Fair last October!

There are times when I think spiked hair might be kind of fun. Like maybe for a day or…well…maybe just the morning. I would like to look cool as I walk down an aisle at Target. With spiked hair, I could go to all sorts of stores. I don’t know where those stores are really located…but, with spiked hair everyone will just tell me where to go. I don’t mean there.


spiked hair seven

Not my color, not my style, not my necklace, not my outfit. NO.

Spiked hair would make me look younger and maybe smarter and maybe carefree. I would color my hair back to my original really very blonde, instead of sort of blonde when the sun shines just right. I would wear either some of those hippie like sandals or very tall wedges. I would wear a silk-like flowing shirt-like dress…just casual enough that I look like I am going to the beach or, at least the lake.



spiked hair one

Getting slightly better. Only a little slightly better. What is a stronger word than slightly?


I would resemble Sheryl Crow, but her hair isn’t spiked. Well…who cares. I like the way she sings and I know someone who knows her. They grew up in the same town, so that means that I almost know her. With spiked hair, I would sing folk or maybe jazz songs at the very hip corner club. And I would play guitar like Sheryl Crow or Keith Urban. I might as well go for the big time. People with spiked hair can do that.


spiked hair six

I call this the Hurricane look. My New Orleans relatives would not appreciate this hairstyle at all.

One problem. I absolutely cannot stand that sticky and icky hair gel or whatever people use to make spiked hair. I would gel everything in sight…like my shoes, no…my sandals. My knees would be sticky. My elbows would be sticky. I don’t even want to think about my flowing silk-like dress. Hair gel is awful. I really dislike hair gel. Hair gel is disgusting.


spiked hair eight

Thank goodness that my hair is not this long. This spiked hair looks like it would get under my collar and drive me totally crazy.

However, my spiked hair might work out. We might have a positive. Hair gel…I mean the very good hair gel…is expensive! I would need A LOT each day. Such a problem…I wouldn’t be able to go to Fuzzy’s Tacos every other day and Chicken Salad Chick on the other days. I would get WAY skinny!


Bring on the hair gel! Tomorrow may be my first true spiked hair experience. Everything will be better with spiked hair. That is what I think that I heard!



 After spiked hair…


spiked hair four

I actually think that I could handle this one. And see…this person looks very slender. No Fuzzy’s Tacos or Chicken Salad Chick for her. No $$$$ left!







8 thoughts on “Spiked Hair. $$$$$ For Gel. Tomorrow.

    • Ha! I will have to figure out how to do that! I may need your daughter-in-law!! I had pictures to add last night and didn’t really want to use the picture of me…I was sort of a mess…at the State Fair last October. However, a storm was moving in and my laptop went crazy. The regular computer was already crazy and we are at the farm. We had already had the computer company out yesterday afternoon! So…last night…none of my pictures would work except ones that I already had, no color would work, no nothing! I am totally surprised that it published it at all!
      I am going to add the pictures, etc now!!! Mike is on the tractor and I need HELP with this laptop!!!!!!!


  1. OMG you are too funny!!! I’ve sorta thought those same things but like you that feel of the gel and my hyper sensitive/allergic skinned self would not like the feel of the gel but I sure wouldnt mind the time saver and coolnesss (meant both ways). Oh and BONUS ROUND…a person with spiked hair could jump a gate and talk her way out of trouble if caught ha ah (my sick humor).


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