The Lion and The Lamb. Timely.

the lion and the lamb number three

Where is peace? Hiding? Forgotten? A non-reality?What timely thoughts. Was peace also hiding and forgotten when the story about The Lion and The Lamb was written thousands of years ago? Or was peace a misunderstood commodity?

The hoped for peaceful relationship between the lion and lamb are mentioned time and time again in the Bible. The story itself seems to be a combination of two Bible passages from Isaiah…verses 11:6 and 65:25.


Thus, the phrase “the lion shall lay down with the lamb” helps to explain the meaning of these two verses and other similar verses about the lion and the lamb in the Bible.


A possible peaceful existence between the lion and the lamb are used as a symbol to show the differing or opposite qualities that represent both God and human beings. According to, the contrast of qualities show the lion to have strength and the ability to be ferocious. The specific qualities of the lamb are a gentle and docile demeanor. This appears to explain the relationship between human beings and God.

Perhaps you have other explanations or references to this quote. What the quote means personally to you is the important part. The real prospect of peace between opposites…with distinctly opposing views….is decidedly intriguing. It seems like such a prospect of peace within opposition would be a hope for everyone.  Our past…as far back as we have recorded history…certainly shows that not all people buy into the idea of opposing groups achieving peace. Just the opposite is true.

Peace…a misunderstood commodity? Peace…a sought after commodity? Peace…a shared problem with shared solutions? Hopefully. Timely? Definitely.













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