TEACHER! Pleeeeeese Play Our Video!


Yes! Very pleased with classroom technology!!

“Teacher! Please play our video!” is exactly what my Kindergarten students would say immediately after returning to the classroom after lunch. Every day. Every week. All year long. They would start by using my name instead of “teacher”. To make the request more serious, they would resort to…


TEACHER! Play our video! Please!!!

Our video was any of the videos from Little Baby Bum or LBB Productions in London, England. My bilingual students absolutely loved the British accents!


Of course, we would watch the videos…over and over again…for 15 or 20 minutes…every day. These five and six year olds would have gladly watched them for at least an hour or two. Alas…we still had Math and Social Studies to complete! The videos are that good and that professional and that good of a learning tool.

We watched Little Baby Bum videos on our technically savvy and very large SmartBoard in our classroom. Hooked to my computer, the SmartBoard seems like a Birthday and Christmas present every day to teachers! No worries if the sound suddenly does not work! There is most always a Kindergarten student who already can answer just about anything about our computers in the classroom. These children…so smart!

Thank you to Little Baby Bum for adding an extra dimension of learning to my classroom! They love the ABC Baby Bum and the Numbers Baby Bum. You name it…they love it! The following is a favorite…Please and Thank You Baby Bums…




Pretend that you are a child again and sing along! Fun! However, now that I’ve heard this song again…I will be singing it for hours and hours. Oh no!!! I doubt that my family will be pleased at all!!!



7 thoughts on “TEACHER! Pleeeeeese Play Our Video!

    • I can just see him taking the remote away from Grandma…just helping her out! The remote drives me crazy!! My great-niece and great-nephew always try to take my cell phone away when we go out to dinner. They are both in elementary school. Their intention is to correct all of the things that I have done wrong on my phone…I really do actually need help! They also add apps for games…that I quickly delete! I CAN do that!!!

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      • So funny! That’s how they are…growing up with all these gadgets…smart phones and everything else that can possibly be smart! I can rarely get the television at the farm to come on correctly! Well…I also have trouble with the computer down there! Last time we were there…Mike had trouble with the computer too!!! I was thrilled!!! Not to mean or anything…no…surely not me!

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