Blue Sky Tag Award! Thank you!


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Thank you to the very talented writer…The Chicken Grandma…for nominating me for the Blue Sky Tag Award! Here is a link to her inspirational, fun and always interesting blog…


The Award Rules…

  1. Thank the person (people) who nominated you!

  2. Answer 11 questions!

  3. Tag 11 people for the award!

  4. Give them 11 questions!

The questions that The Chicken Grandma gave me to answer…and my answers!

  1. Best Childhood Memory: My best memory is of our family Christmas Eve parties…with my Aunt Lois & Uncle Cupp, Aunt Doris & Uncle Merton, Aunt Ethel & Uncle Doyle and my parents. Plus…all of my very fun cousins!

  2. My First Pet: My first pet was my very sweet puppy named Pat. I named my dog with my own name! I have no idea why I did that…oh my goodness! Pat was part Border Collie and part everything/anything else. My dad made a big white doghouse for Pat and I thought that it looked like a playhouse…and treated it that way!

  3.  Funniest Family Memory: We had a very difficult time finding a car-seat that our daughter could not unlatch and get out of…we bought at least three. After the third, we had a brand new car-seat…the newest model. On the way to church one day…our son started yelling from the back of our van: “The baby did it again! Stop this car! She is walking on the back seat! Is anyone listening to me? Where did we get this baby anyway?” We got off the freeway at the next exit, put her back in the seat, put her bow back in her hair, calmed him down and were on the way. The baby” was almost two years old and he had just turned seven years old. The NEXT car-seat sort of worked the magic trick…no way could she get out… it took her six months to figure it out! When she and her husband start their family…I am thinking… PAYBACK TIME!!

  4. Best blog post so far: The post that is definitely the most meaningful to me is titled Our Son’s Words. His Legacy to Us…written on October 5, 2016. So sadly, we lost our much loved son in a car accident on October 4, 2004. He was 26 years old and driving to our farm before returning to Austin. There was fairly heavy rain and a car came over a hill, lost control…and hit him head-on. Justin was gone in an instant. He was an absolutely wonderful son and an absolutely wonderful brother for our daughter. He was a writer, a musician, an environmentalist…we remember and love him every day.

  5. Favorite book and why: My favorite book is titled Among Schoolchildrenwritten by Tracy Kidder. This book traces a full school year that the author spent with a teacher in an inner city, low income school in Massachusetts. It is a chronicle of what teaching is really like…especially in a Title I school in a high crime area. Since I taught for 18 years in schools very similar to the one depicted in the book, I identified strongly with every word. I read the book every year before school starts.

  6. Something that I hate to do: VACUUM & DUST!!!

  7. Favorite Food: Enchiladas and Tacos and Tamales!

  8.  One item on my “Bucket List”: To visit the San Juan Islands off of the coast of the state of Washington!

  9. Most beautiful thing you have ever seen: Our daughter walking down the long aisle of our church at her wedding…my husband walking with her…the smile on our future son-in-law’s face…a beautiful and happy memory!

  10. Favorite crafting thing to do: When I was teaching, I loved any craft that I helped the children complete …plus the door & hall decorations that I made.

  11. The first thing that I ask someone when I meet them: Where are you from…where did you grow up? I love to hear stories about where people have previously lived.


I would like my nominees to answer the same questions that I answered! My nominees are…

***Frank Prem



***Andy Oldham


***Jay Colby









4 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tag Award! Thank you!

  1. It was so much fun to read more about you! It still hurts my heart to think about the loss of your son. I did laugh like crazy about your son and daughter when he asked “where did we get this baby from?” I could just visualize it.
    I also understand your bucket list item. …… travel is high on my bucket list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The car-seat incident had been going on since she learned to sort of stand-up! He would make all sorts of comments. It happened the most on the way to the church…about a thirty minute drive. I was teaching at the Day School then…so we were driving there A LOT! Sometimes…he would just say…”The baby is out. She is laughing. She is throwing her bow. STOP THE CAR!” or “She got out. She is talking. Why do we have a baby who talks?”…by the way, she is still talking a lot today! Yes…travel is very high for me! My favorite thing is to drive somewhere where we have never ever been! An adventure! And yes…the loss was tremendously difficult…something that you learn to live with. Hopefully living with the circumstances in the most positive way possible. With assistance from up above…of course!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, even though it was a long time ago, I can’t imagine going through that…
    This was a very interesting read. I love these tags and awards, they’re such a good way to learn more about the person behind the blog 🙂
    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve already done a post about the blue sky tag before so I won’t do another one, but thank you for thinking of me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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