Super Engaging Book #9


Another Super Book!

When I think about the sound of coffee percolating, I remember the constant “kerplop, kerplop” of the ever busy coffee pot.  The “kerplop” sound was almost like a drumbeat saying “wake up”, “come to the kitchen”…the sound could be heard all day long. My parents drank coffee all day long…I do not like coffee at all! My husband’s parents drank coffee all day long…he does not drink coffee at all! Go figure! Maybe we just got tired of the percolating “kerplop” sound!



Percolating coffee is still the norm at local cafes and diners. Even for a non coffee drinker, the smell and sound of coffee brewing is comforting. I suppose coffee at a small local café takes me back to a simpler time. Believe it or not…there was a time not so long ago when Starbucks were not on every corner! Besides, cafes and diners also have grilled cheese sandwiches and usually lots of good conversation!

When thinking about a small café or a diner, I can’t help but remember one of my favorite children’s books…

In the Diner

Written by Christine Loomis

Illustrated by Nancy Poydar

In the Diner is a fun book to read to young children since there are continuous two word phrases. Throughout the book, each two word phrase rhymes with the next two word phrase. With the distinct phrasing, the flow of the book is swift and exciting.

Bright and interesting illustrations accompany the words. The multicultural diner is filled with talkative people from the hungry diners to the busy servers to the even more busy cooks. Joe’s Diner is clearly a special place! During the last school year, I ordered a copy of In the Diner with a CD…the sounds inside the diner were amazing! The children asked me to always keep the book in our Listening Center!

Editorial Review of In the Diner

From School Library Journal:

A day at the diner is delightfully presented with rhyming text and colorful illustrations. Hungry patrons and playful children enjoy the friendly atmosphere as cooks prepare burger and ice cream sundaes and waiters serve their satisfied looking clientele. The crowd includes many ethnic groups; male and female diners and workers; as well as a visually disabled man with a guide dog. Although beginning readers would enjoy exploring this book on their own, it is especially suited to reading aloud because of the catchy, short text and clear, lively pictures.

Mary Rinato Berman, New York Public Library



2 thoughts on “Super Engaging Book #9

    • I can’t tell you how many times I read this book in circle last year. Even though they were listening to it on their own with the CD…they still asked me to read it. They would ask me to make some of the sounds in the diner! Yes! Of course I made the sounds! The children would always say…”Silly Mrs. Davis!” and scream with laughter. I had the cutest class last year! They thought that I was crazy…during your last year of teaching, you can act crazy! Actually, I always acted like that! Eventually, you get better learning when you allow time for fun!!! Same for grownups!!!


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