Yes! I Changed My Theme!


Sometimes you just have to change your image a bit…like wearing more bright colors or maybe becoming blonde. Oh wait…I am sort of blonde or at least I once was blonde. And I most always wear bright colors. Maybe I might want to wear outlandishly high heels. Forget that…I like to walk upright. Maybe I just needed a change for my blog for just no real reason at all. Or maybe I just wanted my blog to look slightly more grownup.

After all, I am not teaching kindergarten anymore…even though my heart is still with the children. How I loved those children! So fun! So talkative! So bright! However, I am moving on to LIFE AFTER KINDERGARTEN! I am really finding that life is very fun in the real world away from teaching school! I can still go back and visit, but now I can go shopping when I want to go shopping! I can have lunch at a regular time instead of at 10:35! Perhaps, I can even cook dinner for my husband. Well…I am not sure about that for every single day…let me just say that we certainly enjoy going out to dinner!

So that is it…I changed the look of my blog and I am surprised that it worked. I thought sure that it would take all night and that I would have to ask the very helpful Happiness Engineers for continuous help. As it turned out, I just drove one of them crazy for about twenty minutes!  A miracle! And I do believe in miracles!!

Thank you for reading my rambling words! I do appreciate all of you from around the world! Please visit often!!


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