Baseball Breakthrough. No Surprise!


Texas Rangers Baseball!

I am a huge baseball fan. This is a breakthrough for me. I spent my childhood listening to a loud radio tuned to any baseball game, anywhere. My brother was crazy about all sports. Baseball was the #1 sport in our house. If a game was on the television…we watched it. If not, the radio was the alternative.

Late into the night, I could hear my brother pretending that he was doing play by play along with the announcer. I thought about moving my room to the garage. And then it happened…my brother left to go to college in Austin at the University of Texas. No more baseball at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. I missed baseball.

 By that time, I knew about all the teams, all the players, all the best announcers. I was hooked. Even now, I simply like the way the game is played…the slow plays, the fast plays, the strategy of the game.  Actually, it doesn’t really matter that the name of the team is not the Texas Rangers. I sort of like every team.



There is no doubt that the Texas Rangers are MY home  team. When my husband and I married, the Texas Rangers had been playing in Arlington for four years. I was so excited that we would live not 20 minutes from Major League Baseball! By this time, my brother lived in Philadelphia and regularly went to NYC to watch Yankees games…his all time favorite team. Envious!!


I absolutely loved going to the games, even though my husband was a reluctant fan. He changed his mind after we had children. That is a real breakthrough! After our son and daughter were born and grew just a little bit older, baseball was their favorite sport. Soccer and football were right up there near baseball. We went to games at the old stadium and in 1994, we were there when The Ballpark in Arlington opened. It is now called Globe Life Park In Arlington and a brand new stadium is most likely in the plans… if voters approve.

Baseball in Arlington is BIG…especially since the Texas Rangers are…


The playoffs will begin on Thursday, 10/6. The Texas Rangers have been in the playoffs seven times and were in the World Series in 2010. No matter what the outcome of the games, our family will remain fans of our “local” team. Our daughter is grown up now, but still a baseball fan, along with her husband. Thank goodness he likes baseball as much as she does!

Our daughter is such a fan that she wrote a children’s book about the Texas Rangers and their mascot, Rangers Captain. Her book was published in 2014…    

It’s Baseball Time in Texas


Go Rangers!!


One thought on “Baseball Breakthrough. No Surprise!

  1. I am finding out that you and your family are a very talented bunch! My sport of choice was cross country running……not for me to participate, but to watch. My sons ran cross country and I did come to learn that even spectators participate if you want to see them run past in more than one spot. I have a feeling it looks like a migration of sorts from the air.


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