Grownups Dressing Up For Halloween.


Made with trash cans? And maybe tops to storage boxes?

Go ahead and dress-up for Halloween. Do not be afraid that someone will laugh at you, because they most likely will laugh at you! That is the main reason to dress-up in a costume to me. Right? Or is the main reason that you want to pretend that you are someone else? Whatever makes you happy and does not embarrass the friends that are with you!


This one is really clever!

So what if you are 35 years old or 65 years old…there are times when you just need to let your silly side out. I am not suggesting that you wear a risque outfit or anything particularly scary. We have enough really scary things happening these days…like the presidential election in the U.S.


The traveler…easy to put together!

Oh! Forgive me there…the election should be the subject of another blog post or maybe ten blog posts. But really now…think maturely (or try to) before you choose your Halloween costume. I have done the exhausting research (sure I have!) and I have a few more suggestions that I found for this year:


Not sure! Maybe a family going on a hike?



 Maybe Mary Poppins?



The Lego Guy!


Traveling man…complete with a fanny pack!

Halloween costume number ten.png

Bicycle built for two!!

Just A Month Until Halloween!


9 thoughts on “Grownups Dressing Up For Halloween.

  1. Those are great. Every year we go to a friends house for a party, and it’s great fun to see what everyones family theme is. We’re split between scary family/Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean this year – will need to decide!

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