Super Engaging Book #7. Duck Jumps!


Little Quack

Written by Lauren Thompson

Illustrated by Derek Anderson



Little Quack has no plan to jump into the scary water to swim with his brothers and sisters. It was impossible to talk him into being a swimming duck. Oh no! What would happen to him in the cold water? What if he was the only duck in the world who could not learn to swim?

Little Quack had too many questions and there was too much water for Little Quack. His family said, “You can do it! We know you can!”…Mama Duck pleaded with Little Quack to jump into the water. After much thought and fear and more consideration, the baby duck made his first leap into the water! What joy! What excitement! What fun!

When I would read this book to my kindergarten students, they would all loudly repeat “You can do it! We know you can!”…the children were totally involved. Everyone had felt the very same way about something that they were asked to do. Make a list on chart paper of things that the children say that they might be afraid to do!


Part of my chart list from last year’s class:  

1. Devon was afraid to pick up frogs! (Teacher to herself: Yuk! They jump!)

2. Kate was afraid to walk down the school hallway! Big kids might be at the end of the hall! (Teacher to herself: I sort of feel the same way about the big kids!)

3. Jason was afraid to write his name with a pencil. He only wanted to write with a crayon! (Teacher to herself: Why? Where do these ideas come from?)

4. Jose was afraid that his Mama would forget to make a cake for him to eat when he got home from school! (Teacher to herself: A whole cake? Yes…everyday…I asked…I couldn’t believe it!)

And on and on until everyone had the opportunity to talk. A good book like Little Quack lends itself to fun and productive conversations and writing activities! Beyond writing, Little Quack teaches a math lesson on virtually every page as we count how many ducks are left on the bank of the pond. There is even a Quack-U-Lator on every other page or so to help keep track of the number!


Review from School Library Journal:

“This delightfully simple story is sure to become a storytime favorite. Imagine Mama Duck’s surprise when her five ducklings are more than a little reluctant to leave their cozy nest for the big pond. One by one, though, she manages to coax them into the water. First Widdle, next Waddle, then Piddle, and Puddle. Little Quack can’t be budged. Eventually, after some convincing from his mother and his siblings, he dives in and guess what?! He loves it!”

Have fun reading Little Quack!!!









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