Find Your Own Style. Why Follow?

rolled-down-hoseWhat do you think about these 2016-2017 shoes?

Personally, I can’t get past the rolled down hose!!

When thinking about the word style, I naturally think about clothes. What is current? What does Glamour magazine say about clothing this season? What does Vogue magazine say about clothing this season? What are the movie stars and television stars wearing? I say…what a bunch of totally ridiculous thoughts!

I say ridiculous because many times ridiculous is the best word to describe the clothes that I see in magazines. No matter what, I am going to buy clothes that look like me and clothes that make me feel comfortable. However…


I truly love to shop for clothes!!

Stylish clothes and shoes for 2016-2017 that certainly won’t be entering my closet anytime soon and most likely never:

1. Jeans that are already torn here and there and all over.


2. Shoes that look like they were made for a clown.


3. Ruffled dress that is perfect for a dance recital. Not me.


4. The bow and the ruffle are just too much to deal with.


5. Giant shoes most likely would not work for me.


Stylish clothes and shoes for 2016-2017 that I most likely and probably need in my closet:

1. The Texas casual look. Traditional.


2. Pretty dress and accessories. Traditional again!


3. Comfortable and really the look I like for any year, but are the jeans already faded or torn??!


So there you have it! You choose your style so that it goes with your personality and lifestyle. I will pick my style that makes me feel happy and comfortable…no matter what Vogue or Glamour magazines say!!!



10 thoughts on “Find Your Own Style. Why Follow?

  1. Yeah, I prefer mid to late 90’s fashion a la Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada and Tom Ford for Gucci. When minimalism reigned supreme! Not all of this weird, over-embellished crap that is in right now! So hard to find normal looking shoes, too! Great post, though!! So true.

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is so classic and defintely not tacky!!

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    • I will certainly visit your blog! Thank you for the comment! I bought a Calvin Klein sleeveless dress for Mother’s Day and paired it with a short white jacket.I can’t tell you how many stores that I visited to find something classic!!

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  2. The thing I hate about fashion is that there is such limited choice in the local shops. All you can find are this season’s styles and colours and if their is an unflattering fashion you just have to hope your old clothes can last. Its especially heart breaking shopping for kids clothes when the current fashion is ugly.


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