Teeth As Bright As A Light. Necessary!




toothbrush three


Reasons why some children


to brush their teeth…


1. They think that it takes too much time!

2. Oh dear! They think that it’s boring!

3. They think that it is difficult!

4. They simply don’t understand it!

5. They don’t want help…too much pride!


Children…like many adults…are busy these days. They play sports, take dance lessons, piano lessons, go to baseball camp, basketball camp, gymnastics. Kids need to be taught why it is important to brush their teeth and exactly what will happen if they neglect their teeth.

With all of the electronic gadgets that children have available today, that little toothbrush might seem like a boring companion. Figure out a way to make brushing fun for your child! 

Teach them how to brush their teeth and have a dentist show them the ins and outs of brushing. It is frustrating to brush when your hands are small and you don’t know how to reach the back of your teeth.

Some elementary schools have a dental program for the students once or twice a year. A dentist and perhaps a dental hygienist checks their teeth, talks to the children about why they brush, helps them understand the importance of brushing. The best part…they get a little baggie with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Check with your school to see if they are planning for a dentist to visit the school.

Young children have huge amounts of pride when trying something new or sticking to a schedule. Brushing does need to involve a schedule. Sometimes children think that they don’t need help, but they do certainly need your help! Explain to them that every person needs help at some time or another.



For a little extra brushing support, find a group of children’s books on brushing teeth to read together! Some book choices that children enjoy…

1. Brush, Brush, Brush by Alicia Padron

2. Open Wide, Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller

3. Melvin the Magnificent Molar! by Julia Cook & Laura Jana, M.D.

4. Pony Brushes His Teeth by Michael Dahl

5. Clarabella’s Teeth by An Vrombaut



A funny poem helps most situations!!!


brushing teeth poem




6 thoughts on “Teeth As Bright As A Light. Necessary!

  1. I like this. I am not sure about making brushing fun, though. I think it’s important for kids to know there are things that are not particularly fun but we do them anyhow. Brush teeth, write thank you letters, pay taxes, visit the great aunt. My kids were required to come to my singing concerts. They did not have to like them but they did have to be polite.

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    • I understand what you are saying and agree that not everything is fun! That’s for sure! With brushing teeth, I have seen so many children in my classrooms who have distinctly difficult dental problems by the time they are five or six. The do not brush their teeth on a regular basis, their parents do not understand the importance and they have never seen a dentist. The years that I have spent in very low income, inner city schools have been very eye opening. Things that our own children were required to do are simply not on the typical agendas of many of these families. So…I had to change my mind and begin by bringing a bit of levity to teaching some life concepts. Getting the children on board is the first step! Our own children certainly had very different expectations…however, I finally came to the conclusion that there are different routes to growing up! Sometimes sad…always a serious challenge! Thank you so very much for your comment!!

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