A Quote Worthy of an Ovation.


Your life is an open slate…it is up to you to fill the slate with worthwhile spaces.


Over 25 years ago, the above quote was on the front page in a Presbyterian weekly. The quote was selected for publication by the former minister at our church. Even if I was busy with two young children, I always took time to read the “From the Pastor” column because they were very applicable to our current lives and always worthy of ovations. This quote has become an important part of my life.

I had no idea that I would keep the quote…posted with a magnet to our refrigerator…for over 25 years. The quote touched me to the core of the beliefs that I had been developing since I was a child. I couldn’t believe that someone else felt the same way that I did. What a revelation! Thank goodness that I wasn’t the only one to want to live a life that was more calm than erratic…with more spontaneous moments and less regulated moments.

Our son was the epitome of someone who lived his life exactly by this essay. Did he ever read the essay on the refrigerator? I have no idea. I do know that he lived his short 26 years choosing to live life in a totally laid-back, carefree and deeply thoughtful way. Sometimes I would say that he was the original flower child…born well after the flower children were designated and discussed in the news. I liked it that he had the resolve to live an artful and quiet life in the midst of the Silicon Valley type world.

For those reasons, we had this thought-provoking essay presented at the celebration of his life. The reading of the words gave me immense pride and peace that he truly became an individual…he became himself.

For the new year…I wish for you to become the individual or continue to be the individual that you were meant to be. I hope that you will read the words of the essay with an open heart and a positive look to the future. I am so glad that I have gotten to know so many of my readers…   talented writers with the knowledge that the written word can actually change the negatives in the world.

Wishing for you a year filled with many opportunities for joyful experiences!




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