Making Main Street New Again!


Main Street Christmas Parade in Grapevine, Texas

Think back to your hometown. Think about the original Main Street in the center of downtown. If you were in the high school band, you marched down Main Street in every parade…   come rain or shine. There was most likely a movie theater on Main Street. Perhaps the Main Street movie theater is where you went on your first date. Perhaps Main Street is where you were allowed to go shopping with a group of friends.



Sidewalk Sculpture in Grapevine, Texas

Your memories of Main Street may be from ten years ago or fifty years ago. No matter when or where, your Main Street might be going through an improvement project. What is old becomes new again. What is old becomes fun and interesting. What is old might be part of a renewal…   a rejuvenation…bringing the history of your hometown to the forefront. What is old is back, but with a modern twist…smooth and even sidewalks, colorful storefronts as well as little cafes with shaded patios.


Yesteryear’s Main Street in Grapevine, Texas

In 1980, Texas joined the national effort to renew, revitalize, remake historic downtown areas. In fact, Texas was one of the first states to form a Main Street program.  The vision of the Texas Main Street Program “will positively influence and impact the economic health and the preservation of important historic resources in Texas”. The program has evidently worked wonders in smaller towns…towns with buildings and values well worth preserving…such as Grapevine, Texas.


Beautifully Renewed, Restored, Revitalized…Main Street in Grapevine Texas!

As the Grapevine Convention & Visitor Bureau states:

“Shop, Wine and Dine in Historic Downtown Grapevine”




Shops on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas

So you might ask…just what is in downtown Grapevine that makes the entire Main Street area so very special…besides being near Dallas? How about…

1. A Steam Engine Train…Grapevine Vintage Railroad

2. Public Art

3. Shopping in One-Of-A-Kind Boutiques

4. A Wide Variety of Restaurants

5. Winery Tasting Rooms

6.  Palace Art Center

7. Grapevine Glockenpiel Clock Tower

8. Live Entertainment

9. Art Galleries

10. Friendly People Everywhere!

11. Nearby Lake Grapevine

12. Fun Festivals and Events All Year



Corner Tower Building on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas


Grapevine…Settled in the Mid 1840’s!

Grapevine…Renewed With An Appreciation of History, Architecture, Culture!

Grapevine…The Old Made New Again!


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