Picture Lesson Paper~1898-99 Edition… Perhaps Lessons Children Need Today!


picture lesson paper


Methodist Sunday School teachers in 1898-99 had a book chockfull of good ideas for lessons. Included in the book were at least two lessons for every Sunday of the year. I am wondering if other denominations found a copy of the book to accidentally use?!! The book was 25 cents for one year. If you bought six copies, the price went down to 20 cents! Seems like a bargain…right?


“Picture Lesson Paper”

An entire book for 25 cents in 1898-99…I better not mention what I recently paid for it…but the price was close to $20 and I thought that was a bargain! And the cover was missing!

Times…They are a Changin’!


I found this book in yet another antique store…I might need to stay out of those places! This particular book was way in a back corner of a shop in Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson is an ideal place to shop for antiques if you happen to be in East Texas. Very old and ornate houses, an original downtown area, many Bed & Breakfast homes, an old hotel…and even a ghost tour at night complete the “long ago” atmosphere of Jefferson. I thought that this book was a real find…my husband thought that I was losing my mind. I already have the stack of vintage magazines. Oh well!


picture paper one

The lessons seem so innocent…so sweet…so needed today. It seems like young children today spend more time thinking about when they will get a cell phone, than time thinking about goodness and grace. Not all children, but maybe too many are appearing to take the questionable path. Some seem to be reluctant to try to commit to good will. The world does needs more good will, not less!


The following are a sampling of the Sunday School lessons from 1898-99…


1. January 29, 1899

” A little boy was playing in a park where there was a fountain. He kept running to the fountain for a drink. His mother said to him, “Harry, what make you drink so much?”

“O, mamma,” he said, “I keep getting thirsty again. Every drink of water wants another drink after it goes down.”

So it is when we try to satisfy our hearts with the pleasant things of life, forgetting Jesus’s love. Everything we try wants something else to come after it, and we are always thirsty for something else til we come to Jesus to be satisfied with the water of life.”


Children one


May 31, 1899

“How nice!” said Arthur, as he peeped into the butler’s pantry. ” I will step up on this stool and look at the lovely cakes. Mamma says I must not touch them, but it is not wrong to take a good smell of them.”  The little hands wanted to break off a piece, so Arthur said, “Little hands, you must go behind me and stay; I am afraid you will do some mischief.” He put his hands behind him and held them fast; but the cakes smelled so good that he kept getting nearer and nearer, until his lips touched one of them, and before he could think much about it he had taken one bite, and then another, and another, until he had nibbled three cakes. He heard someone coming and hid behind the door.

“Who has spoiled my cakes, I wonder?” said his Mamma. Arthur began to feel troubled. He looked at his hands.

“You did not do it, little hands, did you?” said Arthur to himself.

“I am afraid my boy has done this,” said his Mamma and she called, “Arthur, Arthur”

Arthur stepped from behind the door, held out his hands, and said, “My little hands did not touch it, Mamma.”

“Who do you think has done it?’ said his Mamma.

Arthur would not tell a wrong story. The tears began to roll down his cheeks as he said, “Your little boy, Mamma.”

“I am glad you have told me the truth, my dear child,” said she. “The little hands would not have been to blame if they had touched it. It would have been Mamma’s little boy.” It was a lesson for Arthur, and he never did such a thing again.


picture five


June 18, 1899

Edith is only a school girl and not very wise, but she has some of the wisdom that is better than any to be gotten from books. So she does not spend her time fretting over things she does not have. She enjoys what she has.

“Don’t you wish you were going to the seashore?” asked Margaret.

“I would like it,” said Edith; “but I’m glad I’m going to Grandpapa’s. I always have a good time there.”

“Wouldn’t you like to have a new dress like Mary’s?” said Jessie.

“Yes, but I like mine just as well,” was the answer.

Edith has “the little sprig of content” which gives a rich flavor to everything.


Birney-Public-picture four                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         August 21, 1893

Listen, children, can you tell?

Do you know the story well-

How the hungry world is fed,

How we get our daily bread?

In early spring the farmer said:

“The hungry children must be fed,

And I must raise their daily bread.

“I’ll plow the field and harrow it so,

And then the seeds of wheat I’ll sow;

The sun and rain will make them grow.”

“And when the summer days have flown,

Those tiny seeds that I have sown

Will into waving wheat be grown.”

“The wheat I’ll reap, into bundle binds

Then some good miller I will find,

Who into flour my grain will grind.”

“Then the baker’ll buy the flour,” he said,

“And mix it well to make good bread;

And so the children will be fed.”

Children three


December 25, 1898

“Peace on Earth!”














Video of First Month of Cruising. Galveston to Houma

A friend from my teaching days and her husband are sailing from Texas along the Gulf of Mexico headed towards Marathon or Key West, Florida and on to Isla Majeres and the Western Caribbean! A fascinating journey and their long-time dream…to sail on their Adagio Gul…what a very cool retirement!!

Our Midlife Update

We’ve been trying to downl​oad this for a month but have not had fast enough service until now. Ocean Springs Municipal Harbor has really fast internet and since we are waiting out Tropical Storm Cindy, what better way to spend our time.

I’ll be working on the next months video and hopefully get it posted while we will are here. We are safe but last night, June 22, was the worst night so far. Gusts up to 50 knots and torrential bands of rain. It was rocking so much I had to take a Dramamine. 😲😲. But life is good.

Sorry for the length of the video. First one I’ve done, and it’s a learning experience! ​


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First Day of Summer

Another wonderful post from my friend, The Chicken Grandma! I hope that you enjoy this inspiring depiction of their farm!

The Chicken Grandma

IMG_3676 Red Sky in the Morning..

Today is officially the first day of summer.  It is also the longest day of the year… at least that is what they tell us. We woke up to a sky that looked like it was on fire with the reds and oranges. I attempted to take a picture through the window that had a screen on it as I didn’t feel like standing out in the rain.

Once the rain had quit, I let the girls out of the coop for the day and took my camera with me on a little tour. Everything looked freshly washed……. the grass greener, the sky bluer and the clouds whiter. It smelled wonderful too!

The flowers were beautiful with the raindrops still fresh on their petals. The blossoms of reds, purples and yellows were so vibrant they begged to be photographed and shared.

Even the mud on the driveway had the neatest texture to it and made me stop and pause just…

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A Teacher’s Summer. A Story About An Extraordinary Teacher.


create three


The following is a true story about a creative adult who became a creative teacher. How happy and lucky we were to have many teachers like this for our own children! Thank you to the teachers who are spending their summer preparing for a new class, a new school year, a new chance to bring a sense of wonder to learning!


I clipped the article below from the newspaper on September 6, 1986. At that time, I had not yet started the loop of teaching elementary school from year to year. I was considering a teaching career, but I would need to go back to school to get the necessary certifications. I had received my BA degree in Journalism and Sociology and absolutely refused to get a teaching certificate.


“Who me? Teach? Are you kidding? I’m going to work at newspapers so I can interview interesting people and write stories that will influence the city and beyond. I’m going to be someone who brings about change. I want to do something important!”

Oh my goodness…I was a headstrong twenty year old when I made that statement to my mother and anyone who would listen! I did work at newspapers in the editorial department and also in retail advertising. I loved newspapers… the competition and the long hours. I loved working at newspapers until we had our first child and then our second child. I had the opportunity to teach in the Day School at our church. Eventually, I did go back to get my teaching certificates. Eventually, I taught at urban elementary schools with a high poverty rate and less than safe neighborhoods.

school one


As it turned out…I did do something important…I became a teacher.


 Elementary school geography class

When I happened to read the following 1986 article, I had somewhat of an epiphany. I could see myself as the teacher in the article. I knew that this teacher was truly facilitating change in her community. I was fascinated by this teacher’s excitement and enthusiasm for the new school year… 


A 1986 newspaper article that changed my thinking about teaching…


“It was one of those days that would have been achingly perfect in July. But it was the end of August. So it was a feebler sort of perfect.

The tall woman with gray hair and and a deep tan set up her chair facing the water. Here in Chicago, that’s what we do at the end of summer. Our lake is on the wrong side. It’s to the east. So all summer long we are torn. We have to turn our backs on that gorgeous horizon and face the parking lot to get tan. But by summer’s end, we are bored with our tans. So like this woman, we turn our faces away from the sun, and treat our eyes and our souls to the splendid lake view.

But this woman wasn’t watching the water much today. She was much too busy. A huge tote bag sat next to her and she reached in to take her scissors and her stencils and her packs of construction paper. Then she started cutting. With great relish. The rectangles of rust and orange and yellows were briskly whittled into oak leaves and maple leaves. Autumnal shade of A’s and B’s and C’s started to fall from her scissor blades. And all the while, she chatted animatedly with her companion about her projects and aspirations for the group of third graders that walked into her room this week.

Could it be? Are there actually 1986 teachers who, after having been out there in the educational jungle for a couple of decades , are still so excited about the first day of school that they can barely wait to start molding those little minds?

Yes. This one’s name is Jean Hayden. She is 63 years old. And if the first day of school had come one minute later this year, she was going to burst. Jean has been teaching for 19 years. Before that, she was a lyric soprano, singing on the college circuit and with the Chicago Symphony. But at 42, this mother of two decided to switch gears, go back to school, and get her teaching credentials.

~Every September when those kids walk in, I am determined to give them the joy of continued learning– not just academics, but to savor the whole process of expanding their horizon.~

Hayden uses music in her class all the time. her students’ multiplication drills are done to different rhythms on the guitar she plays. Their cursive writing is sometimes done to strains of soft rock records. She is the only teacher at Avoca West in Wilmette who invites the children from special education classes into her room. She does it twice a week for ~songfests~. Because she feels it’s important for both group of kids to know how to deal with each other. Principal Harriet Ostlund says, ~Jean Hayden is one of those teachers who just infuses kids with motivation.~

Every June when the erasers have been pounded together for the last time, Jean tells herself, ~Boy, am I ready to forget about this room. Then by about the third week, the wheels start turning. I’m rolling it all around–what should I change, add, try. And by September on the night before school starts, I can never sleep. I’m too excited. I’m like a kid. Really. In fact I always make a new outfit and lay it out. This year it’s a white skirt and a bright red sweater.~

I thought you’d want to know about Jean Hayden. That there still are teachers out there like her. That there still are teachers who not only care, but are passionate and terrific and committed. Who sit on a beach in the tarnished gold of an August afternoon, cutting out little acorns and saying to themselves…

~Send ’em on in. I can’t wait.~”


The article was published in the Dallas Times Herald on September 6, 1986…written by Judy Markey for the News America Syndicate.


create two


Some teachers always remember the significance of preparing for the future…studying about the past…looking at the view from a window…cutting out letters and acorns from a vantage point near the lakeside.


Some teachers have kept the joyous imagination of childhood within their personality. These teachers hopefully share their vastly unique view of the world through their teaching. Their classroom is the result of a myriad of moments spent in preparation.  


Someone out there will become a teacher this year…and a child’s world will indeed become a much better place! I hope that you will remember that teacher at the lake in Chicago and her total joy in teaching third grade children.



create one




Grandparents? Us? Yes!!!!

It is true…we are going to be grandparents in December! Our daughter and son-in-law had the gender reveal at our farm last week…on the weekend that we had family friends enjoying time together. Although we found out about our grandchild on Easter Sunday, we had been waiting to let everyone know…that was a difficult task for me! When I have very important and exciting news, I want to share it immediately! I don’t know how, but I was finally successful with keeping a secret! A miracle!


And…the most wonderful miracle of all…our grandson! So happy!!!




Grandchild one

“Are We There Yet?” Places To Take Your Children Before They Grow Up!

 yellowstone main

Thank goodness we took our children to Yellowstone National Park when our daughter was about 10 and our son was about 15 years old.  Honestly…they were old enough to like and understand the wonders of Yellowstone. Yet, they were still young enough to like and sort of understand us at the same time! Yellowstone was one of our most favorite family vacations for many reasons such as…


***The morning that we opened our cabin door at Yellowstone…and were greeted by a giant bison staring at us. He was perhaps four feet away. Look…all we wanted to do was go to the lodge for breakfast. Since he obviously did not understand “Excuse me!”, we just stared back. Our daughter sat on the floor in the middle of the cabin and refused to budge until the bison (that we called a buffalo) walked away. Our son wanted to go out and look more closely at him. Neither of the actions seemed particularly a good idea. After 20 minutes or so, he ambled off. That is why…ever since that morning…I have thought that we would open a cabin door in Colorado and be greeted by a bear.

***We sat on the benches in front of Old Faithful three separate times to watch the geyser erupt about 130 feet in the air. To watch the excitement on our children’s faces was worth the long drive to Wyoming!

***My husband and our son walked along the boardwalk trail to tour the Upper Geyser Basin. This area has the largest numbers of geysers to be found in the park. There are also several hot springs and now a recently developed mudpot. Our daughter had announced that she might not need to see another geyser that day and we had fun looking inside the Old Faithful Inn. Building was begun on the Inn in 1903 and even a ten year old was infatuated with the 65 foot ceiling and the huge log fireplace. And the gift shop was a cool place for us to visit without the guys!

***Driving alongside the Grand Tetons on the way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! They seemed so majestic that they were almost frightening and yet…I probably have seen taller mountains…but none so very beautiful! And…Jackson Hole…fun!!!!!


I remember this particular vacation as if it were yesterday. Yes…it was a long drive, but we wanted to see the countryside beyond Colorado. We wanted our children to see another National Park…I wish that we could have visited even more. We never visited Glacier National Park and we never visited Yosemite National Park. Time is fleeting when you are raising a family.


As the beautiful song from Broadway’s “Fiddler on the Roof” says…

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset

Swiftly flow the days

Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers

Blossoming even as we gaze.

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset



 Before your children are grown up, plan to take them to some of the most interesting and spectacular places imaginable. Save the money, save the time, save the memories! Their growing up time goes by so very quickly and suddenly they are college bound. Enjoy your time together! You may truly see your relationship with your children blossom! Seeing unique places happens to be one of the outstanding and worthwhile learning experiences that you can give your child. You won’t regret these special and sweet moments spent together enjoying the world!


My favorite of the must-see places to take your children before they are grown:


1. Pacific Coast Highway Drive

Highway 1 is a curvy road that runs down beside California’s coast. The road winds past high cliffs with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. My most favorite parts…Monterey Bay and Big Sur State Park, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Malibu! And…of course… San Francisco and Los Angeles!




2. The Colorado Rockies

There are plenty of activities for summer and for winter vacations. Bike riding, horseback trail rides, four wheeling, jeep tours in the summer. Renting snow skis in the winter and signing up for classes for everyone. Learning to ride a snowmobile. Ice skating. So much to do!! My favorite towns: Ouray, Telluride, Breckenridge, Vail and Beaver Creek. Colorado Rocky Mountain High will always be my favorite of all favorites for family fun!




3. The French Quarter, New Orleans

Everyday seems like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. You may think of New Orleans as a wild, party city. In all actuality, there are many family friendly things to do and a world of historical facts to learn. Places to see: Jackson Square, Cafe du Monde for delicious beignets, the Mississippi River, Audubon Aquarium, Audubon Butterfly Garden and beautiful St. Charles Avenue. You can ride the streetcar down St. Charles from downtown to the venerable Garden District, home of many historic mansions. Oh…how I love those wonderful houses! And don’t forget the Audubon Zoo…where I spent many fun hours with my nephews and our own children when they were little.


New Oleans Mississippi

New Orleans, Bourbon Street at night, French Quarter


4. San Antonio, Texas River Walk

Your entire family can certainly enjoy walking along the sidewalks that wind beside the San Antonio River. The River Walk has turned downtown San Antonio into a mecca of vacation experiences. You can take a boat tour on the five miles of waterway and stop at nearby museums, restaurants, shops and historical locations along the way. The most famous place of history near the River Walk in San Antonio is the Alamo, a Spanish mission where an 1836 battle was fought in the Texas Revolution. And the Mexican food in San Antonio…the very best!! My favorite restaurant in San Antonio is the popular Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia!


San Antonio River Walk






Goodness and Serenity vs Anger & Hate.


Do we want the above scenario to occur? I think not.


Why do we seem to be losing the battle over anger and hate?


Have some people lost respect for their fellow man?


Have some people become so self absorbed that they are consumed by deep hateful thoughts?


Have some people forgotten about peaceful coexistence or did some people not care in the first place? 


Have some people forgotten about faith…whatever their religion? 


Have some people decided that their hatred is the only answer?


Actually, I think or rather I hope…that most people remember peace, love, serenity, working together, placing others above self, freedom and serenity. If we do not all recognize the severity and totality of the growing problem with volatile behavior…where can we feel safe and free and serene?


Beyond that…I am concerned about the future for the children.


Why should the children grow up with the total feeling of helplessness? We cannot let helplessness be our guide. It is not naive to think that goodness and fairness and thoughtfulness and hope are the missing factors. What can you do today to bring hope to your part of the world? What can you do to change the world that we have been given?

Besides…in our current world…where will the children be safe enough to play? 



East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem…written by David Broza and Wyclif Jean; produced by my cousin, singer and songwriter Steve Earle.

So many places, so many faces. Spread some kindness today.






Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

     Thank you to…

The Cobweborium Emporium for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! Cobs has a fun and enlightening blog…       Besides…she is a master at all kinds of crafts! What a talented person!


The Rules of the Award are as follows:

* Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display    the award.

* Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

* Give 11 random facts about yourself.

* Nominate 11 blogs.

* Notify those blogs of the nomination.

* Give them 11 questions to answer.




The questions that Cobs gave me to answer:


1. Is there one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but still haven’t done it?

I have always wanted to visit Austria! This obsession began when the exciting Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria in 1976. I watched every moment that I possibly could. At that time, I had not tried to ski and I was so disappointed on my first winter trip to Colorado…my skiing talent was definitely lacking. I did have lots of enthusiasm!


2. What is your guilty pleasure? 

I cannot pass up a Chocolate Eclair and I am not ashamed at all!


3. Who would be your dream dinner date?

My date would be my husband and we would go on a dinner catamaran cruise off of Wakiki Beach, Hawaii. I actually went on one of these dinner cruises when I was 22 and in Hawaii with two friends from college. We had just been out of college for about a year. The trip was before any of us were married. We had so, so much fun. However, we were the only three girls on the dinner cruise who were not on a honeymoon!


4. Do you have a favorite film?

My favorite film is “The Way We Were” with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. I absolutely love this 1973 film and think that it is timeless. I have to say one more favorite! My other favorite film is “Beaches” with Bette Midler. The film came out in 1988 and I have no idea how many times that I have seen it! I truly know all of the lines in the movie…and I like to sing the title song “Wind Beneath My Wings” even though absolutely no one wants to hear me sing anything!


5. Do you have a favorite TV program?

My favorite TV program is “The Voice”! I like music competition shows and this one is particularly fun to watch!


6. If you were given a badge saying: ‘In Charge of the World, but only for 60 seconds’…what law would you pass or what change would you make in that 60 seconds?

The law that I would make would be a requirement that every future parent would be immediately required to take a parenting course. When I was teaching, so many of the parents were so very young and totally lacking of parenting skills. They often seemed like mere children themselves.


7. You found an Oriental looking, corked bottle on a beach. You uncork it and out pops a Genie. He/She grants you three wishes. Tell me your three wishes. (no wishing for another wish or two either!)

My three wishes: 

***To eliminate food shortages in the world.

***To build schools in every location in the world where       educational facilities for children are severely                   lacking.

***For the realization of the need for World Peace to             become a common and continuous hope throughout       the world.


8. What drew you into the blogging world?

     I was about to retire after teaching for 18 years in            Title I (low income) public schools. I absolutely loved      my teaching career, but it was my second career. My        original BA degree was in Journalism and Sociology. I      worked at newspapers for seven years…first I was            in Editorial and then in Retail Advertising. After our        children were born, I began teaching at our church          Day School and later I began teaching in public                  schools. I missed writing so very much and decided          that a blog would be a fun activity for me!!!


9. Which do you prefer: writing and posting a blog                post; or reading other people’s blog posts?

     I absolutely cannot choose between the two! I enjoy        the writing so much and yet…it has been a total joy to      “meet” so many people from around the world                  through blogging!


10. You’re invited to a posh dinner this evening. What           are you hoping will be served as you Starter?

      I would like to have Guacamole Bruschetta. I can’t           help the choice…I’m from Texas!


11.  …and finally…What is the one thing, above any                other, which you just cannot eat, not even if                        someone offered you a thousand pounds/dollars              just to eat a small piece of?

      I would not eat Escargot…never, ever! Well…maybe         for one million dollars!




Random facts about me:

* I took accordion lessons for nine years when I was a       child! I still have my first accordion. I liked to play           polkas!

Just about everyone in my family can sing really well      and I am the one who wants to sing the most and can      sing NOTHING well at all! I even have a cousin who          has won multiple Grammy awards! Just not fair!

 I have been working on my family tree for several           years. I also am working on my husband’s family               tree. It is exciting and confusing at the same time! I         should have started with just one tree! But no…I had       to make it as difficult as possible!

*  My great-great grandfather emigrated to the United         States from England in the mid 1880s. He was a very         young man and eventually settled in Nashville,                 Tennessee. He grew up in Oldham, Lancashire,                   England.

I started college when I was 16, almost 17. Therefore,       my parents would not let me go to The University of        Texas. I went to a smaller college that was closer to          home. I really wanted to go to Vanderbilt in Nashville.    My grandparents lived just a few blocks away from          the campus, but I was afraid that I would be very              homesick!  

I wrote earlier that I love Chocolate Eclairs! Also, I          really like Cream Puffs and Petit Fours. Not healthy!        I simply have to stay away from bakeries!

* My nephew is a member of the PGA and is such an            excellent golfer, but he is not on the tour.  I am crazy      about golf and took courses in golf for my P.E.                    requirement in college. No talent there either!

I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan and I live in Texas. This    is pitiful, but I am a giant New Orleans Saints fan!  My   excuse about the Cowboys…I have a lot of relatives in     New Orleans!  

* Our daughter has written two children’s books. After      the first one was published, it was for sale in Costco. I    thought the book placement was not particularly as        good as it could be, so I arranged the display a bit              differently.  I was just helping out Costco…right?  

* When I was in college, I sold my Zoology book in              October and the semester was not over until early            December.  I had an important date for the football          game the following weekend. I needed a new outfit!        My grade was not impressive in that class…to say the      least.    

I really wanted to be an architect, but I had never            heard of any girls studying architecture. I cannot              believe that I thought that way. I certainly have the          exact opposite opinion now! I still study house plans!



My nominations for the Liebster Award…

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****Eleven nominations were just not enough for me, so I added one more. I almost added ten more!***




My questions for my nominees…


1. Why are you a blogger?

2. What is your greatest accomplishment as an adult?          Why?

3. What was your favorite subject in school? Why?

4. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world…where              would you go? What made you make this choice?

6. Do you enjoy sports? Which ones?

7. Do you play any musical instruments? Which ones?         Did you take lessons?

8. If given the opportunity, would you travel in space?         Why or why not?

9. What is your favorite season? Describe what that              season is like where you live.

10. What advice would you give to a teenager about               achieving success in life? How do you define                       success?

11. What is your favorite meal?




Thank you to The Cobweborium Emporium for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award!!!













Working with family friends….the best weekend!

farm three

Our family friends started gathering last Thursday at our farm. They were gathering for fun. They were gathering to be together for a few days. They were certainly gathering to celebrate. They were gathering because they simply wanted to work with the beauty of the outdoors surrounding them. 



Click on picture for slideshow!


Our farm…the place where our family friends have spent many a happy hour. And we have spent many a happy hour laughing and enjoying life with them.



farm sixfarm eightfarm twelvefarm fence


These are the same friends that we spend Thanksgiving with every year. My husband’s parents and our friends’ parents/grandparents were best friends for years. They began the Thanksgiving tradition that continues today…more than 60 years later. Our children grew up with all of their children. Grandchildren are growing up with each other. 


A link to my November 29, 2016 post about our Thanksgiving celebration…




farm thirteenfarm nineIMG_1018 (1)IMG_1062

At the center of our friendship has been the anchor of our farm memories. It is one of our greatest joys to share the farm with our friends at any time of the year…at happy times, at difficult times, at the best times of our lives.



farm seventeenfarm eighteenalikeIMG_0991 (1)farm 11

This past weekend was something that had been talked about for a while. Why couldn’t we gather together to work on farm projects? It was decided that the work would include clearing and tapering brush, taking down some fences, preparing for new fences, clearing some more trails thru the woods…or whatever else needed to be done! We had lunch together and went out to dinner…the children went swimming and fishing. 



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farm 22

All of the different generations arrived from nearby towns, various states, large cities, small cities. Some traveled many miles. We laughed, we talked, we remembered, we planned…the weekend was absolutely wonderful. 



farn one

Brush Bonfire!