Video of First Month of Cruising. Galveston to Houma

A friend from my teaching days and her husband are sailing from Texas along the Gulf of Mexico headed towards Marathon or Key West, Florida and on to Isla Majeres and the Western Caribbean! A fascinating journey and their long-time dream…to sail on their Adagio Gul…what a very cool retirement!!

Our Midlife Update

We’ve been trying to downl​oad this for a month but have not had fast enough service until now. Ocean Springs Municipal Harbor has really fast internet and since we are waiting out Tropical Storm Cindy, what better way to spend our time.

I’ll be working on the next months video and hopefully get it posted while we will are here. We are safe but last night, June 22, was the worst night so far. Gusts up to 50 knots and torrential bands of rain. It was rocking so much I had to take a Dramamine. 😲😲. But life is good.

Sorry for the length of the video. First one I’ve done, and it’s a learning experience! ​


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