Working with family friends….the best weekend!

farm three

Our family friends started gathering last Thursday at our farm. They were gathering for fun. They were gathering to be together for a few days. They were certainly gathering to celebrate. They were gathering because they simply wanted to work with the beauty of the outdoors surrounding them. 



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Our farm…the place where our family friends have spent many a happy hour. And we have spent many a happy hour laughing and enjoying life with them.



farm sixfarm eightfarm twelvefarm fence


These are the same friends that we spend Thanksgiving with every year. My husband’s parents and our friends’ parents/grandparents were best friends for years. They began the Thanksgiving tradition that continues today…more than 60 years later. Our children grew up with all of their children. Grandchildren are growing up with each other. 


A link to my November 29, 2016 post about our Thanksgiving celebration…



farm thirteenfarm nineIMG_1018 (1)IMG_1062

At the center of our friendship has been the anchor of our farm memories. It is one of our greatest joys to share the farm with our friends at any time of the year…at happy times, at difficult times, at the best times of our lives.



farm seventeenfarm eighteenalikeIMG_0991 (1)farm 11

This past weekend was something that had been talked about for a while. Why couldn’t we gather together to work on farm projects? It was decided that the work would include clearing and tapering brush, taking down some fences, preparing for new fences, clearing some more trails thru the woods…or whatever else needed to be done! We had lunch together and went out to dinner…the children went swimming and fishing. 



IMG_1057 (1)


farm 22

All of the different generations arrived from nearby towns, various states, large cities, small cities. Some traveled many miles. We laughed, we talked, we remembered, we planned…the weekend was absolutely wonderful. 



farn one

Brush Bonfire!




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