Goodness and Serenity vs Anger & Hate.


Do we want the above scenario to occur? I think not.


Why do we seem to be losing the battle over anger and hate?


Have some people lost respect for their fellow man?


Have some people become so self absorbed that they are consumed by deep hateful thoughts?


Have some people forgotten about peaceful coexistence or did some people not care in the first place? 


Have some people forgotten about faith…whatever their religion? 


Have some people decided that their hatred is the only answer?


Actually, I think or rather I hope…that most people remember peace, love, serenity, working together, placing others above self, freedom and serenity. If we do not all recognize the severity and totality of the growing problem with volatile behavior…where can we feel safe and free and serene?


Beyond that…I am concerned about the future for the children.


Why should the children grow up with the total feeling of helplessness? We cannot let helplessness be our guide. It is not naive to think that goodness and fairness and thoughtfulness and hope are the missing factors. What can you do today to bring hope to your part of the world? What can you do to change the world that we have been given?

Besides…in our current world…where will the children be safe enough to play? 



East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem…written by David Broza and Wyclif Jean; produced by my cousin, singer and songwriter Steve Earle.

So many places, so many faces. Spread some kindness today.


6 thoughts on “Goodness and Serenity vs Anger & Hate.

  1. We’re not losing, Kindergarten … we WILL win.
    We just have to encourage the use of the Love Principle.
    Love can conquer hate if enough people practise it.

    Let’s put LOVE to work. It knows how to do what it does best.
    Sending love (oh, there it is again! lol) ~ Cobs. x

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  2. I really think that when we, as a country, devalued human lives with abortion; we devalued all human life and desensitized ourselves to killing. I might be wrong….but when we don’t defend the most helpless we no longer defend anyone.
    On a hopeful note…I also firmly believe that change can happen, one person at a time, and we are that one person. Go MAD (Make A Difference).

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    • Everything you said is entirely on the right track. I tend to think of the little ones first as I am sure that you do. It is like stealing…it appears to become easier and easier with greater and greater monetary amounts. Soon…they have no idea of their decadent lifestyle. Sensitivity…nil.

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      • I read somewhere that a group of youth leaders put duct tape on the kids’ arms. The kids were then told to rip it off. Lots of hollering as hair came up with the duct tape. They were told to apply that strip of tape again and again and keep ripping. The more they used it the less is hurt…..kind of like sin. It was a visual that has stuck in my head for years.

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      • What an excellent way to teach youth about repetitive negative behavior…I have never thought of doing that! When I was in the youth group (Methodist Youth Fellowship-or MYF) at church when I was in high school, that experiment would have made a tremendous impact on me!


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