No Qualms. Why? Evidently Student Felt Entitled To Bring Python to Graduation.


A student at Texas Southern University (located in Houston, Texas) brought a three year old Ball Python to his college graduation this past Saturday. Sadly, the young man finished college before he learned how to consider the serious and quite possible ramifications of his decisions. The students does not seem to have any qualms about bringing a snake to graduation. His statement to the news media…


“I told everybody this is my graduation, so I’m going to do what I want to do. So I’m going to bring it and that’s what I ended up doing.”


Ball Python


Oh really? Your graduation? Your very own individual graduation? What about your fellow graduates? Do you actually think that you are more important and unique than them? 

Do you honestly think that you can do whatever you want to do…anywhere you go? That is how your behavior appears.


Texas Southern University included the following information on the school website regarding their graduating seniors and the importance of the event:


“Commencement is a solemn and special occasion in the lives of students, and they are expected to behave in a manner commensurate with the magnitude of the occasion. While attending commencement exercises, students and their guests are expected to maintain decorum that is reasonable and befitting of a public event of special significance. Since commencement exercises are formal events, graduates are expected to abide by the University’s policy on appropriate attire that is announced in advance of the ceremonies.”




texas southern university three


Yes…you were evidently entitled to graduate from college. You were not entitled to bring a Ball Python into an arena filled with graduates, parents, children and friends. All it would have taken to disrupt the entire graduation was one person screaming at the sight of the snake…and that easily could have happened. Just think about the results of just one person yelling!







13 thoughts on “No Qualms. Why? Evidently Student Felt Entitled To Bring Python to Graduation.

  1. I’ve quit really watching the news except about 10 minutes in the morning. I used to (future story) have such an intense fear of snakes the only way my kids were going to the snake exhibit portion of the zoo was with someone else! I even split open my ex’s back with a tree branch because when we were fishing, he went to natures powder room, and came back with a snake and shoved it at me as a joke- Ha ha ha!😄 beat his back with twig branches and pushed into the lake just as a fear autopilot thing! Would NOT have gone well with me!!!

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    • Such tree branch bordering on severe behavior. Maybe something stronger than a tree branch… fishing poles and bait box. I REALLY do not like snakes at all! I have been looking at snake boots for two years…to wear at our farm. They are very expensive and my husband cannot understand spending that much on boots that I immediately said were uncomfortable in the store! Plus…I will not walk through the woods like the other normal people in our family. I have to be on my golf cart or a four wheeler and stick to the trails! This attitude does keep me from helping with outside work.!!

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      • My glass is half full of nothing when it comes to clearing brush or whatever it is! I say…leave it there and that doesn’t seem to go over with anyone. I am no help. I am rarely a great help with our 1/2 acre yard at this place…our regular house…so I am REALLY no help at the farm! I am the greeter and the entertainment planner and I can make buttermilk pie. I am saying…someone has to be in charge of card games. Right?

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  2. Very interesting. I do not think he needed to bring the snake to graduation. He could very well have gotten someone hurt doing that. We all need to use old fashioned horse sense when we choose to do something like this young man did.

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