No Doubt a Ride On the Precipice of Danger…Telluride Jeep Trail!

I absolutely love Colorado.

I totally realize that I have made this statement before…no new information here! I like the beauty of the mountains, the cool mountain air, the friendly mountain people and I like the mountain jeep trails. These trails define the word “precipice” to me!!


CRAZY…Did I hear you call me crazy? There must be a lot of crazy people out there…the jeeps are rented continuously! Anyway…count us in on the jeep trail ride…again and again and again!!


The following fun, frightening, ridiculous, exciting, dangerous, exhilarating video is of the ride to Imogene Pass near Telluride, Colorado. Honestly, the views are the best… just do not look down to the side of the trail. Look to the right, to the left, straight ahead…you will see all of the natural beauty of Colorado. Amazing! I will never tire of being in the mountains! Now for the video…




Looks fun…right? Well…anyway…think about riding the jeep trails someday! All you need are your camera, your sunglasses and most assuredly a large amount of nerve!!!


10 thoughts on “No Doubt a Ride On the Precipice of Danger…Telluride Jeep Trail!

    • So fun! We are going to Colorado in August to a place near the Rocky Mountain National Park. I can’t remember the name of the town now…I am losing my mind and sort of proud of it, I must say! As soon as I recall the name, I will tell you! We have driven past that area before…on the way to Wyoming and then to Yellowstone. So sorry that I am behind (again) on reading your posts and other people’s posts…and behind on answering comments. I need to go back to teaching school so that I will have more time!!! If anyone says…let’s go to lunch and then go shopping…I am there. We could be buying parakeet seed and I would ready to go!!! Pitiful!

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      • Omg you crack me up! I get behind too and then try catching up in flurries 😊 ah, so jealous! The tiny bit of time I was there was mostly in the hotel or car but I sure did love what I saw!!! Too bad you live so far away! I’m sure we could get into some trouble together! I’d love to see Yellowstone too! Ha ha ha!😄 you’re like me…I can’t stay put!

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      • Oh…we could certainly cause some trouble! I am working on the town name. Really, I am. I am not even sure when we are going in August and I made the reservation. I did change it several times, so I do have some sense, I guess.

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